Rowan Reiding: How to Wear Black with Edge

Black is a timeless and universal color in every fashion style. It can be a way of expressing your classic or even an edgy statement. Edgy style is creative, unfussy, and effortless that usually has the casual elements and gives off a modern, urban vibe. But, do you feel like your style has lost its edge? Then, let’s have a style inspiration for you to look a little edgy in black without looking like you’re trying too hard.

From Leeuwarden, Northern Netherlands, Rowan Reiding is known for her is her rock and bohemian mix clothing style dominant of black shade and edgy touches like leather and layers. Rowan loves to wear black such as leather jackets and pants, big scarves, chunky knits, and a pair of heels though she doesn’t really like frills as minimalism is the key for her. According to Rowan, if you wear the right items, you don´t need much to spice an outfit up. Started her blog in 2011, Red Reiding Hood serves as a medium to share her passion for interior, fashion, beauty, food, and travel to her readers.

embroidered boots with black clutch

layered belt with black pants skull scarf

When reviving your edgy style with black, look for edgy accessories that can kick your edginess up a notch. Jewelry like ear cuffs, rows of bangles, ring stacks, long chains, or chunky bracelets are unique but still stylish. Like Rowan, you may wear a fedora hat with black tinted sunglasses along with your black outfit. You can have you pick in different sunglasses shapes, but the aviator is the edgiest because it’s a classic unisex style that’s been cool since the 1960’s and shows no sign of being outdated. Black boots are a great option whether suede, leather, plastic, and other material. Styles such as tall boots, over the knee, or even combat boots are always up the edge factor.

all black outfitblack cardigan with leather trousers

Black will always be the edgiest color and you’ll just need to style it in an edgy way. A head-to-toe black theme is mysterious and so easy to wear. Just play on different textures such as leather, cotton, suede, chiffon, wool and such to create interest. Remember, the leather itself is edgy so you may want to keep a leather touch to any black outfit you’ll be wearing.

striped blouse with leather trousers striped blouse with tulip skirt striped pants with black shirt

Prints can be edgy too and classic prints like stripes look best in black-and-white color as the contrast can be seen clearly. Like Rowan, wear a striped blouse with a black skirt or jeans; or even a graphic tee with black-and-white striped pants and see the edge in your style.

burgundy top with leather trousers red rubber shoes and red beanie

Red and black color combination creates a powerful and edgy look. Like Rowan, you may opt for red shoes and beanie along with an all-black outfit. For a more subtle look, opt for dark shades of red like maroon or burgundy. A burgundy leather top works best with black jacket and pants that create an edgy look.

black button down shirt black oversized sweater

Like Rowan, you may do the half-tuck style of your tops like a basic tee or a button down shirt. It is just easy and great as it hides your midsection bulges and it tone down the part on tucked-in bulk. Also, it gives your style a creative and relaxed feel.

animal print shoes tiger print top with distressed jeans

Also, a small amount of animal print can turn your black outfit headed back to edginess. Like Rowan, you may wear a leopard print pump with b burgundy-and-black outfit or a tiger graphic print on a shirt in an all-black outfit and see the difference.

When wearing black with an edge, you have to find your personal style to express yourself uniquely. Also, don’t feel compelled to stick to one style as you may go classic one day and Gothic the next, or even feminine and trendy in black. As long as you stay true to your style, that’s the edginess more than a black color can give.





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