Rococo Pink Nail Polish

Rococo Pink Nail Polish



I bet your wondering from the title what Pepto Bismol and nails have in common?

Nothing really, apart from the fact that I’ve found the ultimate shade of polish that’s sure to settle your stomach by luxury lacquer brand Rococco.
Rococo  Pink Nail Polish 1
I was given this gorgeous box a few Christmas’s ago by my BFF and had totally forgotten about it until I dug it out at the weekend.

I now can’t take it off and am finding it impossible to stop gazing at it’s beauty, the shade which by the way is Hot Pants (love) is amazing!!

Although I don’t quite have the legs for hot pants I definately love them on my nails!
Rococo  Pink Nail Polish 2









This is where the comparison to Pepto Bismol comes in, if you’ve ever used this medicine or seen it hanging around in your mums emergency kit you’ll know what I’m taking about.

It has the most amazing, vibrant blue toned pink shade to it.

A medicine even I’d gulp down and I hate medicines, just because it’s pretty.
Rococo  Pink Nail Polish 3

The colour in pictures has come out a little lighter than real life but it’s pretty much accurate.

If you love lipsticks such as Snob, Saint Germain and Viva Glam Gaga then this is the nail polish equivalent.
Rococo  Pink Nail Polish 4
The quality as you can tell from the extravagent box it comes in is going to be good, the consistancy is lovely and thick (not too thick), easy to apply without any streaks and surprisingly ONE coat perfect due to the opaque colour.

Hot Pants is a Satin finish which Rococco describe as being a smooth, creamy and full coverage, spot on!

Rococco is not a brand I’ve heard much about probably as it isn’t stocked many places (Space NKand¬†Cult Beauty) and is reasonably expensive at ¬£12 a bottle but after rediscovering this one, I NEED more!
Rococo  Pink Nail Polish 5









They do an amazing looking Gold Leaf Varnish which just oozes glamour and well, gold ,which I’m after.

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