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RoC Perfecting Toner Lotion Review

RoC Perfecting Toner Lotion Review

I’ve been meaning to start this feature for quite some time but have never got around to doing so until now, anyway ‘Must try Monday‘ will focus weekly on the one current beauty product that’s stood out in the past week and that I reckon you should try or buy.

Today’s must try product is Roc’s Perfecting Toner.


Some people are of the belief that a toner is an unnecessary addition to their skincare routine or some kind of paint stripper for the face but personally its a step I rarely miss in mine and love to do.

Having oily and spot prone skin means that I like to be as thorough as possible when looking after my skin, using a toner allows me to rid my skin of any dirt or left over make-up not fully removed by my cleanser and eradicate the greasy residue sometimes left on my skin especially after using a cream cleanser.

With regards to the paint stripper element, over the years I’ve tried some pretty harsh and frankly unpleasant toners which have left my skin feeling clean but incredibly tight and dry, a feeling I hate.

Roc’s version is far from those, it’s so light it feels like water on the skin, has a lovely peachy scent, removes all left over dirt, tightens my pores and leaves my skin looking refreshed and healthy without drying or removing my skins natural oils.

It is alcohol free and is for all skin types even sensitive skin which I assure you is true, there’s not a hint of stinging or skin stripping it’s super gentle.

I really love using this toner, by far one of the nicest I’ve tried, so if you are in the market for a new toner or feel like adding another step to your skincare regime with one, Roc’s Perfecting Toner is definitely a must try!