Rimmel ’60 Seconds’ Nail Polish in Deliciously Dark

Rimmel ’60 Seconds’ Nail Polish in Deliciously Dark

I’ve had this nail polish for a while now but never really used it because I always thought it was a little bit too dark for me.  However, I’ve picked it up recently as I think it’s a brilliant polish colour for the autumn.Rimmel-60-Seconds-Nail-Polish-in-Deliciously-Dark

(Apologies for the terrible swatch, but this polish just doesn’t play nicely and I wanted to show you all how awful it looks)

Application wasn’t too bad. I really like the brush on the polish but to be honest, that’s where the positives end for me. Apparently this dries within 60 seconds but let me tell you now that it definitely doesn’t. It is one of those blummin’ annoying nail polishes which get to about 80% dry within 15 minutes but stay tacky for the next few hours.  I know I have had this polish for a while but I said the exact same thing about it when I first bought it so it not because it may have thickened. Why do companies make these claims which they blatantly don’t live up to?  You can see from my massively cack swatch photo that my bed sheets imprinted on it and made it really dull. I actually painted my nails at around 8pm whilst watching a film and didn’t go to bed until 11pm so you do the math… A top coat would have sorted that out but it isn’t the point.

Apart from the horrendous drying time, the nail polish itself chips like a beeyatch. I didn’t wear a top coat but purely because it took so long to dry and it was already chipped by the next morning. I then reapplied a coat to cover up the tipwear, but even that chipped by the time I got home. What a nightmare.

Rimmel, I love you but please sort it out.  In the bin it goes.

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