Rima Vaidila: Tomboy-Chic Fashion Style

Tomboy-chic fashion style is an effortless and laid-back way to keep you easygoing and polished. If you’re not a fan of pastel colors, shades of pinks, and floral prints, but rather want to keep your style simple and easy going, then the tomboy-chic style is for you. Wondering how to keep your look chic in a tomboy style? Let’s have a fashion inspiration.

oversized chambray top

Born in Toronto, Canada but-now-living in Los Angeles, California, Rima Vaidila is the style blogger behind Fire on the Head. Rima described her style as tomboy chic inspired with a dash of minimalist simplicity. She loves keeping her outfits laid-back and basic and she’s also a believer of saying “less is more.” That’s why she loves clean lines and neutral colors as well as ripped skinny jeans, sweater and ankle boots.

fedora hat with tomboy chic outfit leather boots with tomboy outfit oxford shoes with tomboy outfit sneakers with tomboy outfit sunglasses with tomboy chic outfit

When opting for tomboy-chic looks, you may want to skip feminine and sparkling jewelry but instead stick to simpler accessories like a hat, sunglasses, and a sling bag. Though you may still wear your statement heels and stilettos with your tomboy chic outfit, the best options to complement your looks are brogues, loafers, oxfords, sneakers, Birkenstock sandals, and boots. Like Rima, you may opt for neutral colored footwear like black or brown and avoid pastel and bold colors such as pink, red, purple and such.

denim overalls tomboy chic dress with oxfords white shirtdress with sneakers

Also, overalls and layered fashion style are unisex styles you may go for. If you want to sport some dresses, you may keep it plain and simple like Rima did. She picked a plain white shirtdress, and an unconventional dress that’s not feminine. As her footwear options with dresses, she preferred sneakers and boots rather than stilettos and heels.

black sweater with jeans button down shirt with skirt denim jacket with tomboy outfit sexy tank top tank top with denim shorts

Opt for unisex pieces like oversized sweaters, button down shirts, denim jacket, basic tees, chambray shirts, slouchy blouses, and suits rather than feminine tops with floral prints and lace details. Loose and non-fitting tops are one of the most notable of tomboy-chic style. When fitted blouses and crop tops highlight your womanly curves, you may throw on a cardigan or denim jacket like Rima did. Though you may still wear some sexy tops like Rima, dress them down by distresses shorts, slouchy jeans, and jogger pants. Tomboy-chic style doesn’t mean skipping all kinds of prints. Manly prints like checks, plaids, and stripes are a great way to add interest to your looks.

chambray shirt with denim shorts distressed denim shorts jogger pants with chic top leather shorts with striped top skinny jeans with ankle boots

‘Boyfriend’ jeans are a great option for your bottom piece as they’re cut like boys’ jeans but are fitted for a girl’s body. You must opt for pants or jeans rather than skirts since tomboy style is defined by not wearing ensembles that will only accentuate one’s femininity. Loose fitting trousers like culottes, athletic pants, jogger pants, wide jumpers, boyfriend jeans and such are great for your tomboy-chic style. Though you may sport some skinny fit pants and shorts, dress them down by manly shoes like brogues and oxfords.

Rima gave us a few style ideas to nail the tomboy chic look, but there are many more options. Just hone your creativity and enjoy your laid-back, casual, and effortless tomboy-chic street looks.





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