Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean Review

Review: Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean

 Revlon is, I think, the most accessible American drugstore brand here in Indonesia. In my city, we have at least four Revlon counters at three separate department stores. I can stop by Revlon at least once every three weeks or so. Occasionally, I’m lucky enough to encounter a 10-25% discount offer and that’s when I usually pick up something from their wide range of products.
Last month, during my last visit to Mutiara (a cosmetics retail store here in Yogyakarta), I discovered this quad. They were having a 25% discount offer on all Revlon eyeshadows so being the gullible cosmetics junkie that I am, I simply couldn’t go home empty handed. I went with Coffee Bean because even though the colors are rather plain, they swatched beautifully on my hand.
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean Review

Now, sadly, I just learned that this quad has been discontinued in the US. The one I have is manufactured in Indonesia so I don’t think this would disappear from our market any time soon. However, just in case, I highly recommend giving this quad a chance at least once.

For me, it’s actually the best Revlon eyeshadow I’ve ever used. I’ve tried both ColorStay and CustomEyes eyeshadows, but I think they are chalkier in texture compared to this. They also tend to scatter everywhere when you try to blend them, but not with this one. The shadows in this quad are definitely smoother and easier to blend. I’m not sure how or why Revlon replaced this line with ColorStay because honestly, ColorStay shadows are no-go for me. I didn’t like them one bit. They are way too chalky and the colors hardly ever show up on my medium skin tone.
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean
I have come to really appreciate this quad because despite it being cheap it actually performs quite well. Surely you can’t compare it with high-end shadows but for its price, I’m pleasantly surprised. It has even become my new favorite everyday palette replacing my Too Faced The Natural Eye Palette. The Too Faced palette is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s too bulky to bring with me in my purse.

So yes, instead, now I bring Coffee Bean with me for simple touch-up jobs. It’s slick and compact enough so it’s perfect. Plus, since it’s cheap, I won’t feel so bad if I break it (not that I swing my purse to everyone at the streets but you know, shit happens).
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad

Revlon Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Quad in Coffee Bean
Product description: For softer look, apply eyeshadow dry with wide end of applicator. For contouring on crease or eye lining, apply darker shadow with narrow end of applicator. For a more dramatic look, slightly dampen applicator before use.
Price: Rp 105.000 (approximately $10) / 7.6 g

The quad comes with two tiny sponge applicators (not double-ended like they usually are). I think these sponges are quite handy for on the go.
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean palatte
Here you go, a closer look to the palette. The shadows don’t have names so I just numbered them for you.
1 – Matte dark brown shade. I think it has more of a taupey base color, not so much red, which is what I prefer.
2 – Shimmery medium brown shade. This is the most pigmented shade out of the four of them. It gears towards copper brown and you can really intensify the color by applying it wet.
3 – Matte warm taupe shade. It’s not too greyish. In fact, it has a pretty strong peachy undertone. I like it. I usually stay away from overly grey taupe shades because they just don’t look good on my skin tone.
4 – Matte nude beige shade. I used to think that all nude shades in drugstore palettes were pointless because they usually are either too chalky to work with or don’t even have decent color pay-off. Those are not the case with this one! It actually has a satiny texture to it and the color actually shows up on my skin.
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean swatchThese swatches are pretty accurate. I used eyeshadow primer underneath. Without primer, they wouldn’t apply as nicely and would wear off within 2-3 hours. So nope, they’re not the longest wearing eyeshadows out there. That’s why I bring this quad with me in case I need to quickly touch up my shadows.

As for wearing them wet, I can only recommend that method with the shimmery-textured one (#2). The rest of the shadows are matte and are better applied dry. When I try to apply them with a damp brush, they muster up and become patchy.
Revlon Wet Dry Shadow Quad in Coffee Bean look

This is a natural everyday look I did with the quad and it goes to show you how lovely these eyeshadows can be. You just have to use a good eyeshadow primer and base so that they stick better. Here I used Etude House Proof 10 eyeshadow primer and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as base. They last for about five hours before I notice a little fading.

To sum it all up, great quad for the price but it needs proper primer and base to boost the wear time.

What about you? Have you tried any of these Revlon Wet/Dry quads before? What are your thoughts on them?

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