Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation ivory 110 Review

Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation in 110 ivory  Review :

I always get strangely excited whenever I pick up a new foundation. It’s a bit odd, granted, but that ain’t gonna stop me. There’s something about picking it up and holding the highest of hopes for something that’s going to make your skin look that little bit better. Like I said, it’s a bit odd.
The Blogosphere recently exploded with the launching on Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation, and while I was eager to go and out buy some, I never really got the chance to. A few weeks and pocket-full-of-money later, and here we have it.
Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation ivory 110 review
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: Boots £8.99 / Shade 110 Ivory

Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation in ivory review

High-end foundations will probably always be so much more reliable for providing a better coverage, with greater qualities as well as a larger price tag, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. What Revlon have done, though, is they’ve breached that gap between dodgy little drugstore foundations that leave your skin patchy and flaky for under a fiver and the utterly luxurious be-all-and-end-all foundations that pretty much leave you bankrupt for eternity. The Nearly Naked foundation is a light-weight foundation – more of a cross between a foundation and tinted moisturiser/BB cream – that helps to correct any imperfections without smothering your skin.
Before and after :Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation  ivory before after
The BB cream-esque consistency means that your skin can still breathe while looking that little bit more radiant, and is sheer enough to let cute little freckles poke through. Essentially, it’s heaven in a foundation bottle. I picked up the lightest shade because I am fairly pale, and although this is a tiny bit too light for me, it blends nicely into my neck and means that my contouring powder stands out that extra bit.
Revlon’s Nearly Naked Foundation ivory 110 swatch :

Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation ivory 110 swatch

The glass bottle really is a selling point for this nifty little foundation, as it replaces the otherwise tacky, awkward drugstore packaging you usually have to face. However, it doesn’t come with a pump, which means you have to (rather sloppily) measure out the correct amount on the back of your hand. It is a bit of a fuss, and I can honestly say that Revlon would be doing themselves (and everyone else) a massive favour if they did revamp the packaging with a pump, but for £8.99, there’s really nothing to complain about.
Before and after:Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation ivory 110 before and after review
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in  ivory is my new go-to foundation; have you tried it out yet?
What’s your favourite foundation?


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