Revlon Lipsticks – Grape, Sienna, & Blush Review

A pleasant day to all pretty ladies! here is my┬áRevlon Lipsticks – Grape, Sienna, & Blush Review!

These colors are my favorite go to lipsticks for the fall from Revlon. I love how these lipsticks last a long time while eating and drinking and do not wear off, they stay put on the lips without fading.

1 revlon lipsticks

Grape, Sienna, Blush

2 revlon swatches Grape, Sienna, Blush

Lipstick swatches of all three colors

3 revlon Grape

Description of color: A deep purple with dark red undertones
Finish: Cream
Lasting power: 6 hours
4 revlon Sienna
Description of color: Dark orange with reddish brown undertones
Lasting power: 6 hours
5 revlon Blush
Description of color: This is a natural pink with nude undertones
Lasting power: 6 hours
These lipsticks do have a creme finish and glide on smoothly to the lips. I would say a lip liner before applying the lipstick does help to make these lipsticks last longer. The lipsticks come in a black cris cross packaging and the prices range from $2.99 to $7.99 it depends on where you go to buy them.

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