Revlon Lip Butters in Raspberry Pie + Tutti Frutti

Hey everyone!
I know I’m a very very late member of the Revlon Lip Butter bandwagon but I’m in love with these babies nonetheless.Here is my review of Revlon Lip Butters in Raspberry Pie + Tutti Frutti   !

 I used to not give these Lip Butters a second glance when passing them at Priceline and I just didn’t get the hype when they first came out because I’ve always been a bold, matte lip girl. However, I’ve been getting tired lately of the ‘commitment’ and maintenance throughout the day when wearing bright opaque lipsticks and have been dipping my toes into sheerer, easier to wear lippies.
I got Raspberry Pie and Tutti Frutti in a BOGOF sale just to give them a try, but now I’m definitely going back to get more!


The packaging of these look cute and classy at the same time, I love the quilted detail and how every lid matches the colour inside. One thing that kind of annoys me is how little the base is and it’s sometimes hard to grip when taking the lid off. But that’s all part of what makes it look so pretty so I guess I’ll live.


L-R: Tutti Frutti, Raspberry Pie
If you wind these up a bit higher than in the picture they literally wobble and feel like the top is gonna break off. They’re so soft and buttery that you have you be pretty careful about the heat in summer melting them as well. But once again I can’t complain too much because the texture of these is what makes them moisturising and such a dream to apply.
Revlon-Lip-Butters-in-Raspberry-Pie-+-Tutti-Frutti swach
Arm swatches in natural lighting and with flash. This is with 2 or 3 strokes/passes of the product and you can see it’s still quite sheer. Raspberry Pie is one of the most pigmented out of all the Lip Butters but has to be built up a lot to reach its full opacity. They’re very glossy and, while I’m not a gloss girl at all, this might be a plus for some.
Revlon-Lip-Butters-in-Raspberry-Pie-+-Tutti-Frutti before
Bare Lips
Revlon-Lip-Butters-in-Raspberry-Pie-+-Tutti-Frutti Lips
Raspberry pie
I love how this shade makes my teeth look so white! Raspberry Pie has no shimmer and the lip swatch is nearly true to colour, but it’s a litttle bit more purple/berry in real life. Because this is a very pigmented shade, it’s hard to apply accurately with the round, flat bullet and it would probably be best to use a lipliner if you usually experience lipstick bleeding.
Tutti frutti
I can’t resist orange lipsticks and I had my heart set on Tutti Frutti before I even swatched it instore. When applied to my lips it’s actually more of a reddish coral, like what I expected the shade Candy Apple to look like. Even though it wasn’t the orange I expected, I’m still a big fan of this colour and it just screams summer! Tutti Frutti isn’t as pigmented as Raspberry Pie and I think, from looking at the swatches of other bloggers, it’s one of those colours that will look drastically different depending on who its on.

My lips are always dry and I can never be without lip balm, but I find these Lip Butters so moisturising! The colour lasts for around 2-3 hours, with Raspberry Pie leaving a faint stain, but they make your lips feel soft and moisturised for a lot longer.
You can wear these sheer or build them up to something close to a statement lip, especially with the darker colours, so I think they’re a very versatile product. This may not be the most in depth, accurate review because I’ve only tried two of the Lip Butters so far, but I like sure them enough to go out and buy more!

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