Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige Review

I am still searching for that perfect foundation for my wedding day. I really want flawless skin, even if my skin is acting up with stress or nerves. So I think a medium coverage foundation would probably suit me best.

I opted to buy the most coveted Revlon Colorstay as it seems to provide excellent medium coverage and claims to last up to 16 hours… better than Estee Lauder Double Wear in terms of lastng power!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand beige

I bought the colour Sand Beige as it seems to fit very well when I wear fake tan… I seem to be wearing tan more often, so I didnt see the point in buying a lighter colour of foundation.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand beige-swatched Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand beige-when blended

It has a lovely creamy consistency and blends in very well, it does seem to dry a little quicker than other foundations that I have tried, but nothing my Everyday Minerals Flat Top Kabuki brush cant handle!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand beige-on my face

In my opinion this is the coverage that I have been looking for for a very long time. It covers every blemish nicely and still lets my own skin show through… i.e my freckles. I don’t think you can even tell my chin is having a horrible breakout! I dont think this is as full coverage as most people say… I use a light hand on most foundations, so I don’t have this problem.
Colorstay also doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin, its something I could easily forget about and the plus point is it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it look flaky in my breakout areas.
It has an SPF of 6… does it give me flash face in a dark room?
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand beige Review
A little bit… but enough that I can see a difference between my face and my neck. I could probably mix in a darker foundation to combat this though as I always have a habit of choosing foundations that are a tiny bit lighter than my tan as I don’t want to chance getting tangoed!All in all, a great foundation and one that I will be using more often, and coming from a foundation snob like myself, that’s pretty good! haha.

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