Returning Fashion Brands to Watch Out For

Whether or not you are a label junkie, I know there are a few fashion brands that you used to love back then that you don’t see a lot of anymore and, personally, I have my fair share of these brands too and I’m always on the lookout for them whenever I go shopping. If you’re wondering if you’ll ever see those brands you once fell in love with again, check out these returning fashion brands to watch out for.

  • BIRKENSTOCK – they were comfy and great for the feet and guess what? They still are! This brand was once considered a hippie brand but today it’s every fashionista’s go-to everyday footwear. And while the classic slider style sandals are quite the classics to wear with your denims, we can’t help but adore those cute new metallic ones that they’ve launched as well as the perfect floral ones that are on every stylephile’s feet this summer.

birkenstocks summer look birks and maxi dress birkenstocks classic black sliders

  • JUICY COUTURE – luxe velour jackets, chic and girly charms and accessories, signature scents in cute and gimmicky little bottles, that unmistakable “J” on every piece – these are just some of the things we’ve quite missed from one of America’s biggest fashion brands, Juicy Couture. Now, the brand is making a comeback a year after it has closed its doors and this time, they’re carrying more chic and stylish pieces for everyone.

juicy couture jacket

juicy couture sport

  • VERA BRADLEY – move over, Lily Pulitzer! Vera Bradley is back and she’s back with a vengeance. Not only is Vera Bradley quickly regaining her thrown as queen of color, she’s also quickly becoming the fashionista’s fave. Aside from the cutesy colorful pieces, this brand has ventured off into something more grown up including leather goodies. I don’t know about you but that sure is reason enough for me to shop Vera Bradley again.

vera bradley colorful tote vera bradley new vera bradley scarf and bag vera bradley summer bag

  • TORY BURCH – those Reva flats may not have been the comfiest pair of flats you’ve ever owned but there’s no denying that you wanted them in every color it came in simply because it looked cute. Tory Burch used to be known for its amazing leather products and while the brand still carries these masterpieces, there are a few other things that they’ve added to their line as well, including accessories, pretty dresses and, yes, swimsuits.

tory leather mini purse tory burch tunic top tory burch swimsuit tory burch dress

  • UGGS – Uggs never really left the fashion scene. I mean ask any girl what boots she wears for winter and she’ll say UGGS and while we do love our winter Uggs, did you know that there’s so much more than just boots from this brand? Uggs carries gorgeous summer footwear that you’ll surely love so don’t forget to check them out.

wedges ugg summer sandals ugg bria thong sandals


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