Refresh Your Street Looks with Sylvia Haghjoo

If you’re bored wearing the same looks over and over again, it’s time to get some inspiration and refresh your style. Mind behind the Hug-You blog, Sylvia Haghjoo is a fashion blogger known for her experimental and creative street looks that might inspire you to revamp your style. She boasts a lot of collaborations including luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Mercedes Benz, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Montblanc just to name a few. So, keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from Sylvia.

Add some carefree vibe to your looks with bohemian ensembles.

bell sleeved top with suede pants

boho chic outfit with espadrilles bohemian dress with eccentric sandals

Sylvia was always interested and very passionate about art, fashion, and photography where she created her own platform to share her skills and style. If you usually opt for a pair of jeans on your casual weekends, it’s time to refresh your street style. Like Sylvia, think of a pair of suede trousers that will look bohemian-inspired with a bell sleeved blouse, refreshing your street looks creatively. Or, opt for a tribal print dress that will look eccentric with a pair of tribal-inspired sandals. By incorporating some bohemian ensembles on your street looks, you’ll create a carefree statement effortlessly.

Go for effortlessly-cool footwear to keep your street style laid back.

chic culotte jumpsuit with sneakers studded boots with brocade skirt and black blouse slip on sneakers with casual chic outfit

If you wish to go for a dressy yet laid back look, think of comfy boots that will go well with your chic outfits. Or, think of adding some sporty spin to your street style with chic sneakers. Like Sylvia, think of a white pair of sneakers that will look modern chic with wide leg jumpsuit. If you wish to keep everything urban inspired, opt for a leather pair of sneakers in a slip on style like Sylvia did, making her cuffed jeans and printed top effortlessly cool.

Play with eccentric silhouettes.

eccentric shirt with jeans and sneakers oversized shirtdress with sneakers oversized bell sleeved top with structured vest

If you’re bold enough to make a statement, play with eccentric silhouettes. Like Sylvia, you may spice up your jeans with an eccentric shirt with avant garde style. Or, master the art of layering by contrasting billowy silhouettes with structured pieces. Like Sylvia, think of a billowy bell sleeved blouse that will look balanced with a structured vest, giving you that carefree and edgy look effortlessly. You may also think of oversized dresses, tops, sweaters, trousers and such that will look editorial-worthy on your weekend style.

Add some polish to your looks with blazer and coats.

structured coat with casual outfit slip ons with effortlessly cool outfit checkered blazer with chic loafers

If you wish to refresh your dressing game, think of chic blazers, cardigans, coats, vests, and even jackets that will add some flair to your basic outfits. Like Sylvia, think of a structured coat that will give a streamlined look to your casual outfit. You may also resort for printed toppers that will add some creative vibe to your black and white outfits. By heeding these tricks from Sylvia, you’ll be able to refresh your street looks creatively while keeping everything personal and unique.

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