Red Hair Color Ideas

Red Hair Color Ideas – Finding the Right Hair Color for your Skin Tone
Red hair color is the most desirable of all hair colors because of its rareness. Around 4% of the world’s population have natural red hair, and most of them live in Ireland and Scotland. If you want to wear that elusive color but is not lucky enough to have a natural red hair, here are some red color hair ideas that can help you in deciding whether to have it or not.
Don’t just put on that red color in your hair consider your skin tone first if it will look good for you or not. Red hair color ideas always consider the skin tone first, if you will not have the right shade of red for your skin color, your complexion will appear washed out and it will not look natural. Determine which will match your skin tone the warm or cool red hair color.
If in case your eyes are hazel, blue, gray or dark brown and your normal hair color is black with dark brown, blue , ash blonde undertones then you are considered to have a cool complexion and you will look great with red hair with a hint of blue such as purplish, dark red. If you have green, golden brown or blue-green eyes and your natural hair color is golden blonde, reddish brown, or golden brown then you have warm complexion. You will look great at coppery red, or yellow based red.

Rihanna’s famed red hair

Rihanna red hair

Copper red hair with light tips

natural red ombre hair

Two toned red hair color

red ombre

Pictures of red hair:

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