Rebecca Laurey: ’70s Inspired Fashion Style

’70s fashion styles have re-entered the fashion scene to become an after-sought style after revitalization on fashion shows by famous designers. When reviving the ’70s style, it can be as bold or subtle as you like such as incorporating flaunted bell-bottoms, fringes, crochets, patchwork designs, clogs, platform wedges, and such. So, let’s take a little trip back to the era of ’70s fashion and see how you can bring the groove back in your own style.

button down shirt with flared pants

From Amsterdam, Netherlands, Rebecca Laurey is a Style blogger known for her love of ’70s fashion style composed of fringes, suede, and flare pipes. Started her blog in 2011, “Raspberry and Rouge” serves as her style diary that captures her experiences in fashion, her daily outfits, lifestyle and everything in between. Also, Rebecca is a freelance stylist, writer, and consultant with an impeccable fashion sense so be sure to glance at her style to snap some picks for the ’70s inspired fashion style.

red scarf with 70s outfit black floppy hat sweatband with oversized sweater

If you’re looking forward to spice up your style with a subtle throwback twist, go for ’70s inspired accessories. Fringed bag, skinny scarf, full brown belt, gold stacked bracelets, thick headbands, sweatbands, retro sunglasses, and floppy hats were a fashion essential in the ’70s. Basically, hats in this era were made out of felt with ornaments like flowers, vines, and ribbon bows. Nowadays, the floppy hat has been modernized and simplified by a single color in a trendy materials, shapes, and themes.

leather mules mules with button down shirt socks with classic pumps

Wearing shoe styles such as platform heels, wooden platform clogs, leather mules and even high socks with classic pumps with outlandish styles were popular in the ’70s. These shoes made from wood, cork, or plastic can be easily matched with the outrageous styles of the era from jumpsuits to bell bottom pants. And the good thing, these also look just as good with the outfits we are wearing today.

denim dress with striped top fringe dress 70s style white crochet dress

The ’70s inspired dress styles such as fringe, maxi, wrap, and shift dresses are a great choice to flaunt your style. With the themes such as folkloric, goddess inspired, and nature for maxi dress’ designs, women bought dresses made of natural materials with prints such as floral, gingham, paisley, and psychedelic patterns. In the 70’s, crochet was everywhere and crochet dresses are having a major comeback that you may try. Every woman feels like a roving gypsy with a denim dress or a poncho draped over her shoulders and we still see the greatness of this look today.

formal black jumpsuit denim jumpsuit

Also, in the list of ladies pieces in the ’70s, jumpsuits possessed a unique place. Formal jumpsuit, utilitarian jumpsuit, wide-legged jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits came from the ’70s style that redesigned into newer cuts, shapes, and colors to suit the modern style.

flared pants fringed skirt with retro sunglasses patchwork style skirt bell bottom jeans

Used to be popular for the hippies as it represented the relaxed and laid-back style, bell bottom pants, flared high-rise jeans, wide-leg trousers, fringed skirts, and even patchwork skirts grew in popularity to become a mainstream fashion trend. These are usually made from suede or denim, but regardless of the material you’re sure to see some today just as you would have in the ’70s.

patchwork style jacket off shoulder blouse with flared jeans fringed suede jacket denim crop top with a dress crochet top with jeans

Off-the-shoulder peasant blouses, crochet tops, fringed jacket, halter tops, denim tops, wide-collar jackets, bell sleeved blouses, mock-collar button-up shirt, and flared long sleeves came from the 70s style. You might think of crop tops as a something new, but the truth is hippie chicks were rocking these before our modern age so let’s give the 70’s some credit. Women used to style their pussy bow blouses and pleasant blouses with ornaments and attractive prints like floral and paisley. Also, ribbed tops were huge in the ’70s usually with flared jeans that reveal your body through the cuts. Crochet tops as well seemed to evolve from the hippie movement and by wearing crocheted details as your top, you’re reminiscing the ’70s style.

The trick to wearing 70s fashion style is to wear them with modern pieces. Covering yourself in head-to-toe ’70s attire would look like a costume and not a truly stylish outfit. Whatever 70s fashion piece you’d like to wear, just be sure to give it some contrast with a modern piece too. Remember, being fashionable is all about balance.

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