Reasons You Should Wear Animal Prints This Summer

Animal print is a clothing and fashion style in which the apparel is designed to resemble the skin pattern of an animal such as a leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, crocodile, and snake. Animal print phenomena are somewhat amusing and popular fashion boom nowadays. Whatever your style, classic or daring, there are some reasons why you must incorporate a bit of animal prints on your wardrobe this summer.

Animal prints, first of all, represent a bold choice, a game that involves a good sense of style in order to find the most stylish ways to wear them. It’s classic when done right. It is not always simple to dress yourself in the animal print, whether we are speaking of leopard, snake, zebra or any other print. But once you learned them, they will give a level up on your personal style.
crocodile jacket


Fashion styles based on animal prints can be considered as a timeless trend, popular style and always in the season for various reasons. They keep coming back because they’re all neutrals – made up of brown, beige, and black. They are generally expensive and exotic, precious and priceless; and serve as a status symbol of a wealthy lifestyle.
snake skin bag leopard skirt leopard cheetah dress
These animal prints come in different variations. For instance, the tiger print usually comes in bigger patterns with light brown as background tone; the leopard print is considerably more fierce and darker; the zebra print typically comes in diagonal patterns of black and white; and there are even more creative colored animal prints such as dark pink, purple, red, and more. You can have your pick of your style because the choices on these prints are endless.
snake skin full body outfit snake skin top
Believe it or not, animal prints are neutral. Whether you’re opting for snake prints in pants, leopard prints on tops, you can have a lot of options. A little bit of leopard can go a long way. The less complicated and more monochromatic the rest of your look, the more that touch of leopard will pop. It’s particularly versatile and just goes with everything.
leopard blazer
Because the print is so bold, you won’t be needing a lot of accessories to pull off your simple clothes. Discreet and simple will always be “in”, therefore choosing an accessory with an animal print will bring individuality and uniqueness to a lifeless outfit getting the point of interest of your outfit. No matter how you wear it – in a purse or sunglasses – it will stand out.
snake skin purse

Animal prints give a cool and youthful vibe to any outfit. Its neutrality makes it simple to include them into your fashion this summer season. When worn right, it can also add a sort of sexiness and sophistication to your look!

crocodile bag
These fashionable animal prints enhance a femininity of sharp, shapeless, and tough style clothing. As far as the prints go, the more stylish and sophisticated your look will become. It’s an ideal trick to add a little edge to a gender-neutral clothing like a loose shirt, plain tank top, buttoned blouse, or straight-leg pants. Bring a further touch of femininity by pairing your unisex piece with something skin-baring prints like shorts, mini skirts, or tank tops. The look is a mix of feminine and edgy styling and is a simple yet striking way to work the trend into your everyday wardrobe.

Animal prints, particularly snake’s skin, and crocodile’s skin prints are beautiful to behold as they have been used to make clothing for a very long time indeed.
snakeskin top snake skin boots

Another thing is the boost of confidence ‑ on how the wearer perceives her attractiveness ‑ while wearing these prints. As we know, self-image is projected by the self as it is perceived by others. Looking at one’s self in the mirror when dressed in animal print boosts self-confidence, value and worth in the wearer’s eyes.

zebra close up zebra coat 2
Wearing animal prints shows your individuality, outlook, and lifestyle without having to speak. For a girl having the characteristic of being passionate, fierce, appealing, edgy and sophisticated, animal print is the perfect choice. Animal print is expressive, daring, fierce, and at the same time, sexy and beautiful. Fashion designers have done creativity with the faux animal prints, making them livelier, more wearable, and more captivating. By combining them with varied colors and styles, you can choose your own pick which you think describes you best. For instance, a zebra pattern suggests, “Chase me, I’m game!” While snake skin says, “I’m gentle and cautious, but wild when provoked.”

Animal prints will never be tamed completely, but there are many ways you can bend its power to your will. It’s worth taking on the challenge this summer.


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