Reasons to Buy More Clothes in Black

Black has always been a safe color to go for when it comes to shopping for clothes but some women would rather avoid this color and opt for lighter and brighter ones because they think it’s too dark, dull and boring for them. Though black does seem a little plain sometimes, there are countless ways to spruce it up. You can polish it up and make it look sophisticated with the addition of fine jewelry or make it cute and girly by wearing it with fun and bright colors. I personally love wearing black. If it weren’t as hot as it is where I live, I would wear black every single day until they invent a darker color. If you’re not sure about getting more black stuff, let these reasons to buy more clothes in black convince you.

  • Black is iconic – notice how many iconic outfits are in black: Audrey Hepburn’s LBD in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Julia Robert’s outfit for her date with Richard Gere at the bar for a scene in Pretty Woman, Princess Diana’s black dress which was considered the ‘best revenge’ dress after her separation, Angelina Jolie’s black dress with a thigh-high slit at the Oscars in 2012 that’s still inspiring designers today and many more iconic outfits we’ve loved through the years.

head to toe black outfit

gothic black look

  • Black is classy – black is such a classy color and it’s so easy to dress it up and make it even more sophisticated. You can wear a simple black dress and add fabulous jewelry to it, finish of with slinky heels and get your hair up in some fancy (but easy) hairstyle and you have yourself an instant red carpet worthy outfit.

elegant and simple black dress simple and powerful outfit

  • Black is versatile – can’t decide on what to wear? Pick anything black! Yes, when in doubt, wear black – that’s been my motto for years and it has never failed. Black works well for casual outfits, street style looks, fancy date looks, even elegant party outfits. If you have a simple black shift dress, you can take that and make a few couple different looks with it just by changing up what you wear it with.

black outfit with red accents desk to dinner black outfit

  • Black makes you look good – another really awesome reason to wear black is that black makes you look better, no matter how good you already look. I know, it might sound a little exaggerated (heck, fine, it IS a little exaggerated) but you gotta admit, there is some truth to that. It gives you that sleek, chic, posh look plus, it makes you look a little slimmer, too!

street style black outfit french girl inspired outfit in black

  • Black is chic – it’s true. There’s just something about black that makes your outfit look so haute couture, chic and even expensive. It’s got that really sophisticated look to it that just makes you look like a million bucks.

classy chic black outfit black haute couture look

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