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Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise perfume review

A while ago I was sifting through my mum’s sizable perfume collection, opening bottle caps and happily sniffing away while she pottered around the room. Mum is a fan of Ralph Lauren perfumes and houses many of their creations in her collection. Personally, I’m not a fan. I find Ralph to smell to adolescent and Romance is a little boring, I wasn’t too impressed with their recent release ‘Notorious’ either.Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

However, I did find a little Ralph Lauren gem amongst the plethora of bottles I had scattered at my feet. A simple bottle with a smooth, turquoise cap caught my attention – Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise.

Pure Turquoise is a light blend of sweet florals and crisp greens with just a touch of aquatic in there. If I had to describe it in one word it would be ‘Fresh’ This fragrance has a very cooling, calming quality about it and thus, I feel it is a perfect match to it’s namesake. While fresh, clean-smelling scents are not my usual M.O there are certainly days where a spritz of tranquility is a welcome change.Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise review

Pure Turquoise opens with a leafy, green burst – there is a slightly astringent quality to the opening but don’t worry, this fades quickly and the beautiful lillies and their stalks take over. I love that in with the flowers you can smell the stalks, leaves and other green matter. It stops the fragrance from feeling too sweet, and adds to the crisp, refreshing quality.

As the fragrance dries down the greeness fades and we’re left with subtle florals over a light wood base (silver birchwood). There’s amber and a very light patchouli to warm the fragrance with vanilla and rum adding a subtle richness. Sadly, I think this fragrance is discontinued as it no longer features on the RL website – such a shame, as I think this is a stand out product in their line.

Good news is you can pick up a bottle for next to nothing via Strawberrynet where they currently have 40mls going for only $27AUD