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Rainy Season Beauty Guide

Your  skincare guide for the rainy season :

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.- Dolly Parton


So putting up with rain means a little check on beauty regimen also.Today it’s raining since morning in deolali. So while sipping my cup of tea, I thought of putting this post…


Though rains are good to enjoy but they bring many skin & hair problems, along with them. I and many of you have read many skin care tips for monsoons. This post is just an effort to put those all together.

Monsoons here in deolali means always raining, so skin care routine can’t be same for this season as other ones. A little bit of alteration can make you enjoy this rainy season more and you can also get drenched to core like me. And gals trust me  rains, humid air, harmful UV rays and pollution, can cause more harm to skin then summer sun.

So I have divided my skin care tips according to skin type.

Oily skin

I read in many sites that oily skin becomes more oilier in monsoons. I am an example myself that it is true. This season causes frequent breakouts.


So it’s recommended to wear any light weight moisturizer after bath. 


Scrub your face at least once a week…


use gel based sunscreen with SPF 30 before stepping out…


At Night time use light moisturizer again or use night cream like me 😉

Opt for light weight water proof makeup. Our Indian Brands have many options.

Dry Skin…

Dry skin gets even drier, flaky and itchy. So using good moisturizer can make things better..

 Before, stepping out in sun use heavy-weight sunscreen SPF 30…


Cleansing is important step for any skin type but very important for dry skin in rains. Using cream based cleanser, soap free face washes, alcohol free toner will help a lot…

While putting on makeup use liquid foundation as base. And no doubts that makeup has to be waterproof.

Combination skin…

Now this is real devil in skin types. I am always flaunting products for my oily skin but this skin type is also challenging one. But rule of thumb applies here also.


Use of soap free face wash will not only help to kick excess oil from t-zone area but also help other dry parts of face.

I always wonder how they decide what will suit their skin type…


Scrubbing face with gentle scrubber will not help in removing blackheads but also make skin smooth.

Starting day with light weight moisturizer and gel-based sunscreen SPF 15 will be beneficial.

Mineral range of makeup is too good for this skin type.

I hope you will also enjoy rain and this post will be useful for you gals!

Its raining even now…


 My favorite rain song – Song by Boney M

Brown girl in the rain,

Tra la la la la,

There’s a brown girl in the rain,

Tra la la la la la,

Brown girl in the rain

Tra la la la la

She looks like a sugar in a plum

Plum plum…


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