Rachel Ecclestone: Modern Hippie Fashion Style

Effortless but luxurious, modern but has a retro twist, easy but spirited, hippie fashion style is one of the expressive styles that feature rich fabrics, lavish layers, earthy shades, and ethnic print motifs that you can embrace into your looks. This style can easily transcend to a grunge, preppy, and chic depending on how you sport it. Wondering how to nail the creative style? Let’s have a style inspiration.

From Stavanger, Norway but now based in the Netherlands, Rachel Ecclestone is a style blogger is known for her modern hippie style hippie meets grunge meets comfort meets chic – in a mix of different styles. According to Rachel, her style really depends on how she feels each day and what she’s doing. Just started her blog in 2013, Urban Traveller is a means of showcasing her style and photography through outfit posts. The blog name is very fitting since Rachel always travels to every urban city.

all white outfit

hippie chic dress maxi dress with jacket shirtdress with leggings

Traditionally, hippie dresses are so full of tribal prints, paisley decorations, tiers, and mostly in long and layered fabrics. However, Rachel modernized the hippie style by keeping her looks plain and simple while keeping the theme. For instance, instead of wearing maxi dress full of prints, Rachel wore a knee-length dress with long sleeves style. Though combat boots and suede boots are a must-have for a hippie wardrobe, she creatively wore clog sandals with contemporary style instead. Though Rachel loves wearing maxi dresses, she keeps it plain and tamed by opting for solid colors preferably in neutral shades and wears a moderate amount of accessories.

kimono dress with clogs hippie chic jumpsuit

As an alternative to hippie dresses, kimonos and jumpsuits are a great choice too. Instead of black leggings, Rachel wore white leggings with her white kimono to keep it modern. Also, she just wore a slip on sandals with her jumpsuit and accessorized with a pair of chic sunglasses.

camel jacket with boho outfit oversized jacket wool jacket with lace skirt

Although the denim jacket is a vintage hippie, there are other options if you wish to spice things up. Leather, wool, suede, sheepskin, fur, and even ones with beads, embroidery, or patterned trim are great. A military style jacket could also be appropriate in keeping your hippie style modern, although some hippies might misinterpret the style so you could embroider slogans on it to make your style intentional. Like Rachel, you may opt for oversized jacket carefully and mix some hippie touches to keep the theme going.

mini skirt with white top oversized black shirt oversized tee with maxi dress oversized sweater with skirt oversized shirt

To add a grunge style to your hippie outfit, wear some oversized tops. Oversized sweater, oversized shirt, oversized blouse, and even oversized jacket are a cool trick to nail the style. Just accessorize your outfit with hippie inspired accessories like tassels, fringes, tie-band and such. You may go for lighter and pastel colors for your oversized pieces, but black is the best shade for it. So, if the style permits, opt for black leggings with black boots or shoes.

floral print sweater fire printed top bird print dress

Since hippie style is known for prints – Aztec prints, tartan prints, paisley, floral and such – you can keep it modern by opting for colorful and eye-catching prints like Rachel did. Rachel even sported a floral print sweater with lively colors, a flame-printed shirt, and even a bird painted dress. She just kept the look hippie by opting for floral tiaras, chunky boots, and black tights.

Even if you just consider yourself a “hippie-lite” or just a whimsical dresser, Rachel’s style inspirations provide a great base foundation for modernizing your hippie look. Opt for the essential pieces you need to modernize your hippie’s wardrobe and be brave to flaunt your modern hippie style on the streets.


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