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Quick, Cute and Easy Ponytail Variations

Since a lot of you young fashionistas out there are going back to school in a few days, I’m sure you’re looking for things that are quick and easy to do with your looks. Makeup shouldn’t take a lot of your time since you’ll only be needing so little. Hair, on the other hand, can take you quite some time if you don’t have a plethora of easy but gorgeous ones to make. The ponytail is one of the most basic hairstyles that everyone knows how to do which is why it’s perfect on days when you don’t have much time to get dolled up. With a few extra minutes, you can tweak the basic ponytail and come up with a much more fabulous version that you can wear to school every day. Here are some quick, cute and easy ponytail variations you can try making.

  • Rope braid ponytail – if you want something easy and unique, try making the rope braid ponytail. It’s a fresh new take on your regular braided ponytail and it only takes about 5 minutes to create. You can make this ponytail variation on midlength to long hair.

messy rope braid ponytail

rope braid backview rope braid ponytail

  • Knotted ponytail – the knotted ponytail is another easy basic ponytail variation. It’s a cute look that you can rock any day to school. You wouldn’t need any extra hair tools for this ponytail style, just a brush and some hair elastics. It may seem weird trying to knot your hair but it actually works. You can knot your hair once or twice (or more), depending on how long your hair is and how you want it to look afterwards.

knotted ponytail back view knotted ponytail tutorial simple knotted ponytail

  • Wrapped ponytail – there are two ways to do the wrapped ponytail: plain and braided. You start off by doing a basic ponytail and then take a section of your hair (about an inch) and then wrap it around then secure it with a bobby pin. It’s so easy you can literally make this in the car while you’re on your way to school.

wrapped ponytail plain and high wrapped ponytail wrapped ponytail tutorial ponytail braid wrap

  • Segmented ponytail – sport a Princess Jasmine-inspired ponytail to school by doing the segmented ponytail look. The tutorial below may seem a little complex but you can definitely tweak it to make it easier and quicker. If you want more volume to your segmented ponytail, you can tease your hair before you ‘segment’ it. This is especially helpful if you have thin hair.

segmented easy ponytail segmented ponytail tutorial blake lively segmented ponytail

  • Retro ponytail – want to add a bit of retro glam to your hair for school? It’s not that hard, really. All you have to do is tease your crown before you put up your ponytail and then curl the ends of your ponytail and voila! Instant vintage ponytail.

retro voluminous ponytail retro vintage ponytail tutorial vintage retro ponytail