Pupé Pemika Thiravanitkul: Express Your Personality Though Fashion Style

We all know that fashion is a means of expressing your individuality through your style. However, some women may get accustomed to just following trends regardless of their personality. Mind behind the Stellar Balcony blog, Pupé Pemika Thiravanitkul is a Thailand-based blogger known for her creative and expressive fashion style reflecting her personality through the clothes she’s wearing. Pupé serves as a style inspiration for her readers uncovering the endless possibilities in fashion and dreams of Thailand to be a top fashion destination in the near future. If you’re looking for inspiration to express your personality through your fashion style, keep on reading to scoop some style cues from her.

boho inspired dress

boho top with printed pants colorful bohemian outfit nature-inspired outfit thai inspired outfit

The young lady knows how to value the traditional fashion styles in different countries apart from her homeland, Thailand, as we can see her travel outfits blending with the local culture and fashion in a certain country she’s visiting. Playing contrast with fabric textures, outfit silhouettes, creative prints, and fun colors is one of her keys to express her personality through the outfits she’s wearing.

bohemian outfit with hat boho outfit with fringe bag and hat casual boho outfit with hat music festival outfit bohemian outfit with brimmed hat

Embraced by free-spirit and positive vibe, Pupé loves bohemian fashion style that can be reflected through her boho-inspired ensembles with some twist. For instance, the blogger was spotted wearing a crochet top with printed blazer and tribal-print pants as well as an asymmetrical crop top with flared pants reflecting the bohemian mood. You may opt for similar picks she had and just complete your outfit with a cowgirl hat, fringe bag, and stylish sunglasses.

artistic outfit with cute clutch graphic print suit with dress pants printed jumpsuit with hat striped top woth abstract print skirt and hat stripes print outfit with fringe bag

Pupé channels her creative and artistic side through a great selection of color and prints on her outfit. She sometimes opts for statement prints to be the focal point of her outfit, or even mix different prints intentionally to create a statement outfit. Either way, her personality shines on the color and print she’s wearing. If you’re aiming for a classic and sophisticated style, you may stick to neutral shades and classic prints like stripes, polka dots, chevron, houndstooth and such. On the contrary, novelty prints, quirky prints, and graphic prints may channel your more playful and bold personality.

artistic outfit with boots crop top and skirt with sheer striped shirt cropped blazer with artistic outfit graphic top with flowy skirt and boots preppy eclectic outfit with statement shoes

If you’re not a fan of colors and prints, you can still be expressive by layering your outfits creatively, mixing unexpected combinations, or playing with fabric structure and silhouette like Pupé did. Traditionally, fashion rules taught us to pair voluminous with fitted and printed with plain. However, breaking these rules can also be a way of expressing your bold and creative personality. Instead of just wearing the crop top and skirt combination, Pupé wore a striped top beneath to add a pop of color to her looks. Also, she creatively matched her silk blazer with a printed top and statement shorts that created a beautifully juxtaposed outfit. Like Pupé, pile your layers creatively knowing the perfect proportions that work best on your figure.

black dress with statement necklace elegant royal blue dress elegant slit dress with silk top white crop top whith chic pants

To channel your sophisticated and chic vibe, opt for elegant and classic pieces that are also perfect for parties, special occasions, and romantic dinner dates. A simple and neutral colored dress can look fabulous when styled with chic accessories like Pupé did. Though layered necklaces and arm party are trendy, they won’t look sophisticated and elegant enough so selecting a few statement pieces is the key. If you’re wearing an already-statement making outfit with bold color and stylish prints, you may skip your statement accessories and stick to a pair of feminine shoes and an elegant clutch.

white jeans with chic top and hat sport shirtdress with baseball cap casual chic outfit with chunky heels

Whether wearing a sporty dress or trendy denim jeans, Pupé knows how to make her casual style smart and polished. If you wish for a casual-chic style, you may resort to white skinny jeans over blue boyfriend jeans as they look more dressy and chic. Instead of just picking some casual tank tops and graphic shirts, you may think of button-down shirts, printed tops, and other chic pieces that will complement your outfit.

Indeed, fashion is a means of expressing your personality through the clothes you’re wearing. So, don’t just follow the trends, but instead know what looks best on you and have a touch of your personality in it.

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