Products I Regret Buying for Use

Hi Friends, Here is my writeup on the products i regret buying for use.

Products I Regret Buying.
I have seen this type of post before on other bloggers blogs and also on Youtube mostly from all the ‘beauty guru’s’ I was cleaning out my vanity in my bathroom and noticed that I had quite a few products that I just don’t like at all and do regret buying, so I decided why not do a ‘products I regret buying post’ and share with you guys some products that I just did not like for various reasons. I was going to include nail polishes and makeup items but I thought I would leave that for another day and another post and do a skincare, haircare and bodycare products first. All these items are very random, but it’s just what I had stored in my bathroom, so lets see what I regret buying . . .

Avon Naturals Herbal Care Fresh Apple And Rosemary Conditioner.
Avon Naturals Herbal Care Fresh Apple And Rosemary Conditioner

Let me start off by saying I have used this conditioner a couple of times as you can see there is quite a bit gone from the bottle, but I just did not like it at all and after giving it a go using it for a couple of times I just stopped, I either should bin it or give it to my mam or something because I won’t use it. Don’t get me wrong I love the smell of this conditioner it smells so fruity which is very nice, but it did nothing for my hair. It states on the bottle that this is for normal hair and I have very dry hair which is probably why it didnt work for me.
Avon Skin So Soft, Soft & Glow Airbrush Spray.

Avon Skin So Soft, Soft & Glow Airbrush Spray
This is a airbrush tanning spray and I bought this a couple of months ago, I first tried it out a couple of months ago, and it sprays like a mist, it hasnt got any colour so you can’t see it when you apply it to your skin and the thing that made me hate this product was the fumes from this tan, I never came across anything like it before, even when getting a spray tan in a salon, the fumes from this tan are so strong you would want to have all your windows open while spraying yourself, I was actually choking the first time I tried this out because I didnt know they would be so strong.

This product sat in my bathroom for quite some time and only recently I thought I would give it another go, but there was litreally any colour pay off after one application so I gave up using it.
Sunsilk Easy Straightening Cream.

Sunsilk Easy Straightening Cream
I have this product for quite some time now and it has been sitting in my bathroom for months because I just didnt like it, I don’t like the smell of this cream, it states that you should apply to damp hair, brush your hair and blowdry and it will leave your hair straighter than normally. To be honest I didnt see much difference when using this product, I don’t have frizzy hair but I do have a kink to my hair, it just didnt work for me.

Avon Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream For Bikini Line.

I wanted to try this product out because I am a little hesitant when it comes to hair removal creams seen as I have very sensitive skin and this product was suited for sensitive skin type, it only cost a couple of euro so I said I would give it a go. This just did not work at all, it says to leave it on the area for 6 to 10 minutes I think I’m not sure because I put the leaflet in the bin but anyway, I did what it said to do and it just didnt remove the hair at all, I thought maybe I left it on for too short of time, but I tried it another time and it didnt work either, so I do regret buying this.

Boots Henna And Horse Chesnut Conditioner For Brunette And Red Hair.

This is another conditioner I regret buying although it was only a couple of euro’s. I don’t like the smell of this product and it just does nothing for my hair, I don’t like the consistency of this conditoner either. I bought a hair treatment which is the same as this and I really like it, I find this conditioner difficult to wash all out of your hair too.

Avon Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover Lotion.

I actually hate this eye makeup remover I think it’s the worst eye makeup remover I have ever used! It says to sweep it over the eye to remover makeup and you have to do this 100 times to actually get all the makeup off of your eyes. It’s also very harsh on the eye area, everytime I used this I always felt a burning reaction which I then had to go wash my eyes out with water even though I had my eyes closed when using this. It also leaves your eye area feeling very greasy which I do not like at all.

Body Shop White Musk Bath & Shower Gel And Body Lotion.

I have these little travel size bottles for some time now, and I only recently tried the shower gel which I didnt like at all, it’s the scent of these that I did not like, they are way too strong and smell like old womens perfume which is not to my taste at all.

These are all my products that have me sitting in my bathroom that I just really dislike, regret buying and probably would never buy again. All a little random but oh well I though it would be a fun post, I think I will do a nail polish and makeup products I regret buying post soon also.

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