Priscilla Betancort: How to Add Some Texture to Your Style

Whether the smoothness of a leather jacket or the softness of the lace dress, the texture is what separates the women from the girls. Just like a fine wine, the richer and more complex the texture on your style is the greater the interest you capture, whether that’s an appreciation from a passer-by or a compliment from your friends. Wondering to add some texture to your style? Keep on scrolling to be inspired by a creative style.

Born in Malaga but now living in Barcelona, Spain, Priscilla Betancort is known for her classic and feminine street looks but has an eye for playing contrast and textures to her style. Started her blog My Showroom in 2011, it serves as her outlet to share her personal style, passion in life, thoughts on fashion, and inspirations to her readers. Priscilla has a great sense of style and is not afraid to break fashion rules like matching different textures and prints and she has diversity in her style that fits her personality. Whether it’s classy, chic, sophisticated, casual, or cozy, Priscilla is always styling her looks with her natural grace, glamor, and beauty.

collar necklace with white maxi dress

gingham skirt with cute top scarf with emerald jewelry wooden necklace

Texture can be drawn visually or physically through material’s weaves, prints, embellishments, and such. You may start with your accessories such as sunglasses, shoes, bags, bandanas, scarves, jewelry, and so forth. Priscilla creatively wore a scarf and emerald jewelry with her stylish outfit and a wooden necklace with her casual street looks and you can see the twist of creative styles. Also, leather bags give a great contrast to your cotton outfit that you may take advantage of. For a contemporary take on classic leather footwear, you may try a basket-weave loafers or espadrilles.

chiffon blouse with white denim pants elegant dress with fur details fur coat with casual outfit layered blazer with feminine outfit leather jacket with skinny pants puffer vest with casual outfit

When adding texture to your tops, you may also opt for unconventional cuts, styles, layers, and designs of your blouses to add some dimension to your plain looks. Though Priscilla wore a head-to-toe muted motif, she drew attention to her blouse by its layered sleeves even in a plain shade. Also, puffer jackets, fur vests, and leather jackets are a great addition to bringing some texture to your casual outfit.

cullotes with white blouse distressed denim jeans printed scarf with tank top and maxi skirt skinny jeans with cute coat suede shorts with feminine blouse

For your bottoms, you may look for fabrics like wool, denim, leather, cotton, chiffon, and even silk to add some texture and interest. Distressed denim jeans add more details and touches compared to plain ones. Also, a pair of suede shorts will look magnificent when matched with a cotton blouse like Priscilla did. Just complement your looks with a leather bag and chic sunglasses to add some fun to your creative looks.

animal print blouse with denim jeans striped skirt with chiffon blouse printed shirt with denim shortall cute skirt with white blouse checkered off shoulder blouse with jeans

Wearing prints is another way of creating some visual texture to your street looks. You may look for animal prints, polka dots, stripes, gingham, floral and so on to add that desired visual texture especially when you’re wearing neutral shades. An animal print blouse looks best in a white denim jeans as well as a checkered cotton shirt with denim overalls. Striped lace skirt can be paired with a chiffon blouse that both gives off a feminine vibe.

gingham skirt with floral blouse floral bouse with plaid jacket

If you wish to bring more texture to your style, mix and match your prints in a creative way. To avoid looking overdone, wear similar prints in different shades or similar shades of different prints. This way, you’ll keep your looks polished and sleek while adding texture to your street looks.

There are a lot of ways to add some texture to your style. All you need is creativity and boldness to flaunt your fashion style on the streets.


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