Print Fashions you can Wear with Everything

Print fashions are all the rage, especially the=is summer. While they can be wildly interesting, some prints cannot be worn with others. There are some, however, that you can wear with everything! Be practical – and be able to wear your print fashions throughout the seasons – with these styles that go great with everything.

Breton Stripes

Breton stripes are some of the hottest print fashions today. Simple and minimal, it draws its beginnings from 1850’s France, when it became the uniform style of navy seamen based in Brittany.  Now, Breton stripes are considered the go-to designs for women who wish to channel the elite Parisienne style.

breton stripes and denim

While Breton stripes look stellar with simple pieces (such as a black pencil skirt or denim pants,) it does not mean that you cannot go crazy with the pairings. Take inspiration from the fashionista below, who wore her striped top with a floral skirt.

striped top and printed skirt breton stripes and floral skirt

Pairing print fashions is not just about clashing designs. Sometimes, it’s just as easy as mixing different textures together. A good example is the styling below, where a Breton stripe top is worn with a suede button-down skirt.

striped shirt and suede skirt

A denim dress with a Breton stripe shirt? Why not!

striped shirt and denim dress

Polka Dots

Just as timeless as the Breton stripes is the polka dot prints fashion. With its retro feel, this design can be worn with all the other patterns you can think of.

In fact, polka dots look classically stunning with Breton stripes. This mix of prints is a great thing to have at the office, especially if you are thinking of a stylish yet quirky outfit.

striped shirt and dotted skirt

Polka dots print fashion can be worn with unique patterns as well. A colorful, abstract print and floral tapestry are just some of designs that can complement the classic style of polka dots.

dotted top and floral skirt dotted top and floral shorts


While camouflage prints fashion is reminiscent of the military, know that such a design can be indispensable members of your closet as well. In fact, they can go well from summer – to fall, winter, and spring.

When it comes to camouflage prints fashion, a basic item to have is the jacket. A true fashion staple, it can be worn with a simple short or an elaborate tee. In fact, it offers a great style distinction from your otherwise boring outfit.

camo jacket

Like Breton stripes, Camouflage prints fashion looks well with items of different textures. A good example is the denim button-top, that is tastefully worn with a camouflage pencil skirt.

camouflage skirt

As for camouflage pants, they don’t look as tacky as you deem it to be. When worn with elegant pieces, such as the crepe top below, it can become the focal point of a work-appropriate outfit.

camouflage pants

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