Primark A/W 2014 Review

Hello pretties!
Here is my review of the Primark.
An affordable and innovative high street store we all seem to love. It’s no joke! Every time I go to my nearest city Bristol, nearly every single person I see is carrying that ever so familiar brown bag!
When they released their new seasonal range every fashion blogger seemed to be tweeting away about how amazing it looked. I have to be honest, I wasn’t bothered AT ALL! With the recent rise in prices in the store I just didn’t think much of it! However after finally taking a proper look it’s fair to say I’ve fallen into the Primark trap. So here’s a few of my favorite’s!
faux fur jacket and trousers

faux fur jacket and trousers

I’m not so sure on the bra-like top or the shoes, but I’m definitely in love with the faux fur jacket and the trousers. I love the blue incorporation with the fur – sophisticated yet grunge-y. Bold colours and straight leg trousers seem to be very on trend at the minute so I can see alot of fellow bloggers rocking these sometime soon.


I’m definitely going to have to pick up some of these rings soon, I feel my ring obsession coming on again! I love this print, well at the minute I seem to be loving most prints but I’m really hopeful to pick this one up!

Primark-rock suit

I’m not so sure I could rock this look but isn’t it amazing? I’m definitely going to look out for this design on a skater skirt!

Primark-abstract printed jacket

Lately I’ve been all about vibrant and abstract prints so when I saw this…well I just need it! I can’t wait to pick this up and pair it with a basic tee and jeans.

Primark-leather jacket with fur

Leather jackets and fur? Heaven if you ask me! I love my trusty Topshop leather jacket, but I really wanted the faux fur one they released. Sadly, it sold out super fast so I couldn’t get my hands on it! Hopefully, I can pick this one up for much cheaper in good (as good as Primark gets) quality!


I’m really loving Kylie Jenner’s style at the minute so when I saw this I instantly thought of her! I’d pair them with the heels below for a classy yet urban look!


Two words – In love.
Those were some of my thoughts on the new collection – what are your thoughts? Which items do you think you’ll be picking up soon?
Let me know! I love reading your comments!

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