Pretty Ways to Style a Middle Part

While you can always change your hair part, sometimes sticking to what you originally have is just easier. Middle parted hair is one of the plainest looks out there but, luckily, it’s one of the easiest to style as well. There are just so many looks you can create without moving your part anywhere but, of course, you can do so anytime if you want to. If you’re looking for pretty ways to style a middle part, check out these ideas we have below.

  • A LITTLE OFF CENTER – going for that easy, laidback look? A straight up middle part may be too prim for that and so is a side part. The solution? Part your hair just a little off the center and try not to do a super straight line to get that effortless look. This is perfect for a casual day out with your girl friends.

off center parted bob

off center part off center hair part

  • DO A LITTLE ZIGZAG – have fun with your middle part and give it a little zigzag. This is a great way to give it a bit of a volume boost as well as more of that relaxed look. A zigzag part works great on both long and short hair so you don’t have to worry about it not working for whatever hair length you have.

zigzag middle part zigzag middle part hair zigzag messy middle part

  • A LA KIM KARDASHIAN – this year was the year for the Kardashians, especially Kim who was tasked to #breaktheinternet with… well… you know. Whether you like her or not, there’s no denying that Kim is a pretty face. Take inspiration from her and embrace your middle part and style it like she does by giving it a blow out and some soft and natural-looking waves. This will softly frame the face and give you a dainty look.

blowout middle part kim kardashian blowout middle part blowout hair perfection

  • STRAIGHT FROM THE RUNWAY – want to get that model-on-the-runway look? Part your hair down the middle and try to create the straightest line that you can then run the hair iron on your locks a few times to get your mane stick straight. Pat it down with gel or pomade and you’re good to go.

runway hair inspo runway hair middle part runway straight hair

  • HALF UP, SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE – this one’s a really pretty way to style your middle part. Part your hair down the middle and do a half up, half down hairstyle for a girly look that you can wear anytime. Add a bouffant if you like for a more voluminous ‘do and a more polished finish.

half up jessica alba half up lily collins hair half up middle part hairdo

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