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Pretty Pastel Pink Hair at Home

Pretty Pastel Pink Hair at Home :

Hello everyone! I haven’t been posting for a while as you might have (or might have not w w) noticed, mainly because I was spending the week with a friend who came to visit me from Poland. We had some rad times together!!  I was able to finally fulfill one of my dreams of having pretty pastel hair image

 I’m so incredibly happy as I am writing this entry, simply because it turned out to be wonderful! Considering how badly can bleaching go, especially for a person like me with weak hair and a history of dyeing them black/brown. But we did it! We totally rocked it~!

I wanted to have wonderful pastel pink hair like that :cute pink hair

or hair

or that ..long pastel pink hair

So, the first thing I did was that I researched a whole lot on how to treat bleached hair – hence using a lot of hair masks before the actual thing. I highly recommend doing a hair mask with coconut milk!! It did wonders for my hair, and I still do it even now to keep them in shape.

Next step was having my friend bring me the necessary stuff for bleaching and dyeing – all for a very reasonable price, from Poland!! – and then planning the bleaching process.

I took a two days break between the bleaching, and applied the dye the day I bleached my hair for the second time. I used hair masks each time – for the first time I left it on over-night, for the second time only for about two hours. It did a huge difference in regards of not having my hair damaged!how to get pink Pastel Hairpink pastel hair at home

And this is how the final result looked like! Before that my hair looked a bit like a ice-cream cone (yellowish and orange-y,) and my twitter followers might have caught on that because I posted a picture, haha~ I’m very happy that it turned out alright for me, and that everyone seems to like it!!

I couldn’t be any happier. All the credit goes to my friend  Kiwi! She did such a wonderful job~ I’m so, soo thankful to her for doing it for me! Also, we were watching Tamako Market and drinking Polish drinks meanwhile – I completely fell for that anime!

 imagepink pastel hair

I especially enjoyed the drinks Kiwi made for us. Basically a mix of milk, cocoa and this wonderful hazelnut Vodka she brought! It tasted like heaven, I swear. I’m not that much of a fan of drinking, but this stuff tasted so great and sweet – and barely of any alcohol at all! I think I might have been drinking bad stuff all this time… Still a lot to learn! cocktail

I’d sum up my entry with this – successfully having my hair dyed pink is a big turning point for me, as I’ve always been submerged in cosplaying up until now, so doing something for myself and my hair feels pretty damn great. Thank you very much for reading!! image