Power Dressing on the Go: The Must-Haves

Power dressing is a skill any professional fashion enthusiast should be able to master. It’s the graceful combination of a look that’s strong and smart enough for business yet still chic and stylish enough for you to express your personal sense of style. If you’re a woman who’s always busy running from meeting to meeting and driving from one client’s place to another, check out these must haves for power dressing on the go.


  1. Lightweight coordinates – there’s something about going matchy-matchy for your overall look that makes everything look so much more well thought of and put together which is why a lightweight pair of any coordinates should be the first thing on your list when going out and about and you still want to be power dressing.striped coordinates
  2. A silk dress – they feel like your favorite PJs or nightgowns but they look smart as heck, especially when worn under a well structured piece of outerwear like a coat or a jacket. If you’re going somewhere and you know you need to be dressed up nicely, this is a chic and safe option to go for.red silk dress
  3. A sleeveless knit top – a sleeveless knit top has been proven to be a timeless classic and it is something that you can definitely wear for any kind of day, whether it be a chill day with your co-workers or a meeting with prospective clients. You can dress it up and dress it down however you like, too, by wearing it with whatever you like.sleeveless knit top turtleneck all brown sleeveless knit top outfit
  4. Posh outerwear – whether it’s a spicy jacket that adds flavor to any look or a chic coat that polishes up your outfits, a posh piece of outerwear is something that you should never miss to bring during any trip.floral outerwear cute floorlength outerwear
  5. An A-line skirt – an A-line skirt is universally flattering. It’s a great go-to piece for women on the go and it adds a nice touch of ladylike class to your travel wardrobe, too.gray a line skirt and white top chic business casual look black and white a line skirt
  6. Dark jeans – mixing business with style and pleasure is easy when you have the right pieces with you. If you’re going away on vacation and you still want to look like the Girl Boss that you are, a pair or two of dark denims is all you need. The dark color maintains that formal-ish vibe while the denim fabric lends it a nice, laid back touch.dark denim outfit classic dark jeans
  7. Kitten heels – unless you’re the type who lives and breathes 6-inch heels and higher, kitten heels should be enough for when you’re on the go. Plus, it’s easier to walk and run in these, too!gorgeous kitten heels kitten heels in red



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