Pinterest Beauty Hacks that Actually Work

If you’re like me and you spend most of your free time on Pinterest browsing for new stuff to try (especially beauty-related ones), you may have already come across a few beauty ‘hacks’ on the website. Now, some of these hacks are actually great and effective but some prove to be nothing but dud. If you’re ever contemplating on trying them but don’t know which ones are worth it, check out these Pinterest beauty hacks that actually work.

  • RED LIPSTICK CONCEALER – lipstick, let alone red, on your face doesn’t sound to logical, does it? But apparently, this trick works like a charm. This beauty hack works especially well on dark circles and is actually backed up by the science of color, too! Click here for the full explanation (and how to choose the perfect shade of red for your skin) and here or here to see this beauty hack in action.

concealer perfect

concealed dark circles

  • USE TAPE FOR THE PERFECT CAT EYE – perfecting the cat eye liner look can be pretty tough but with the help of a strip of tape, you can get the job done well in no time. The tape will act as your guide so you can have even and perfectly winged out liner on both sides.

tape cat eye tape eye liner taped cat eye and glitter

  • PERFECT POLISH WITH VASELINE – apply Vaseline around the edges of your nail so that excess polish that got on areas other than the nail can be wiped clean afterwards. This is so much better than cleaning up with nail polish remover because Vaseline can’t mess up and erase the polish on your actual nails.

vaseline hack for perfect manicure vaseline hack vaseline trick for nails

  • TURN PENCIL LINER INTO GEL – heat up the tip of your pencil liner with a lighter, let cool (test on the back of your hand, to be safe and sure) and line your eyes. Doing this gives you a more intense and pigmented liner look. Top it off with black eye shadow applied with a liner brush to help keep it on all day.

gel liner hack gel liner makeupgel liner for eye makeup

  • NAIL POLISH FROM EYE SHADOW – scrape down a little bit of your favorite eye shadow and mix it up with clear nail polish to create a matching nail color. This is great for those who want to wear matching nails and eye shadow or for those who love a certain color but can’t find it in polish form. It’s perfect for putting old shadows to good use, too.

nail polish from eyeshadow nail polish from shadow nail polish matte and glossy

  • LONG LASTING LIPSTICK – it’s annoying to have to re-apply lipstick over and over again throughout the day but more than being annoying, it can be expensive too. Setting your lipstick is the key to making it last all day. Check out this video to see how you can do it yourself and how the hack is put to the test as well.

lipstick in bright pink lipstick red lipstick setting

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