Pieces to Take You from Work to Happy Hour in a Flash

Something that we all look forward to after a long day at work is just going out for happy hour with our friends. What bums out a lot of women about going, though, is that they have to change from their office outfit to something more casual and laidback (and of course, stylish too!). Going home to change is time consuming and by the time you get to the bar, happy hour is over. Bringing a separate set of clothes is inconvenient and sticking them inside your office bag will just wrinkle them out. One easy way to fight this struggle is to wear something that can easily take you from day to night (or afternoon) with ease. Here are some pieces to take you from work to happy hour in a flash. Read on and see which ones are missing from your work wardrobe.

  • A dressy tank top – a dressy tank top is one of the easiest and most convenient pieces you can wear from work to happy hour. Just throw a blazer on top of it while you work your way through the day and take off your blazer when you’re ready to get it on with your girlfriends at the bar. Go girly with a ruffled tank top or get glitzy and glamorous with a sequined / glittered one. Don’t be afraid to wear anything bold and loud since you’ll be having a blazer to cover it up and make it more daytime friendly.

sexy silk cami and blazer

  • Crop top – another piece that you can wear if you’re planning to go on happy hour after work is a crop top. It’s not office-appropriate on its own but, just like a dressy tank top, you can simply throw a blazer on top of it and go. You’d have to be extra careful and make sure your blazer is buttoned up at all times, though. You can also opt for a longer crop top that shows less skin but is just as chic and sexy. Crop tops go well with just about any bottom piece but a pencil skirt is the best way to go if you’re wearing it to the office (and beyond).

crop top and blazer outfit colorful pencil skirt and crop top

crop top and skirt outfit

  • Jumpsuit – if you’re not too keen on wearing blazers (and I don’t know why not), you can wear a jumpsuit instead. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s simple and fuss free and, more importantly, it can take you from work to happy hour is a jiffy.

navy blue jumpsuit work appropriate jumpsuit] black and white office outfit

  • Sheath dress – whether you wear it on its own or with a blazer, a sheath dress is something you can easily wear from work to happy hour. Keep it plain and minimalistic at work and bust out that chunky statement necklace in your purse before you head out with the girls for happy hour. It’s just so much easier to bring spare accessories than spare clothes.

classy sheath dress pastel sheath dress belted sheath dress

  • Dressy shorts – depending on the dress code you have at work, you can .wear dressy shorts and it’s one less thing to worry about when happy hour comes. If your workplace does allow you to wear shorts, make sure they’re not denim shorts, cut offs or ripped and distressed ones. Keep it classy and go for the dressy kind. Pair it up with a simple button up and heels and you have the perfect office and happy hour.

dressy high waisted shorts office shorts outfit cute shorts office outfit leather shorts for work

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