Piccasso Make-up Brushes Review

Hi guys here is my Piccasso Make-up Brushes Review!
I am excited to introduce to you guys, my newly found love PICCASSO Make-up Brush from Korea.
Mr. Matin the Manager of PICCASSO Cosmetics contacted me a few days ago to try some of their products. Honestly, I haven’t heard about this brand, so the first thing I did was to check and search the site. Fortunately, I was attracted with their impressive, easy to navigate website loaded with product information, actual product photos available for the online shoppers.
You can either search by the code or name of the products, really cool!
So, I decided to say YES!
And, here are the products that I have received..
1 PICCASSO Make-up Brushes
About The Company:

Piccasso Makeup Brush- started in a mecca of beauty and fashion, Chuungdam dong 20 years ago. Their management mission of putting quality as a priority, including the best quality of natural hair and master artisans’ manual handmade cutting is their fundamental process to design the most optimal tool for make-up and the best brush for skin. The meticulous process made Piccasso Makeup Brush to be loved by popular makeup artists.
By today Piccasso Makeup Brush are used by all the Make-up artists in Chungdam dong and are used fervently by Japanese professional Make-up artists. Their nonstop technical development guarantees high-quality products and perfect customer satisfaction, which are also Piccasso’s unbreakable promise to customers.

About The Brand:

“Perfect brush makes perfect make-up”
The artists’ aspiration to the practical and special makeup touched off and proceeded with research & development for 5 years. Finally, Piccasso Makeup Brush was born in 1994. By using unique design, which is suited to pro-artists’ makeup, technique and the best natural hair (Eurasian Red Squirrel hair, kolinsky hair, Mohair) of the only Piccasso Makeup Brush became really popular to the special people in the center of makeup culture with the name of “Chungdamdong Piccasso” or “Piccassoman”.
With this point, they keep up their reputation of “Korea pro-artists brush No.1.”
Based on pro-artists’ constant feedback and continuous effort to do research and development, they were introduced as the best eastern brush to “Le Piccalogy”.
Now, they are being directly serviced to France, America and Japan pro-artists.
2 picasso website
To know more about Piccasso, Please visit their website: piccasso.com
3 PICCASSO 105 cheek brusher

Described as—

105 brush is easy for the people who use the full-shaped hair’s rolling application. Giving colors with a light touch using the flat side or giving gradations by applying its volume, both of them are good. A fully professional and luxurious two-toned brush. Its elasticity of hair catches good particles well and it shows excellent color expression. Dying the edge of hair in black in consideration of mohair’s nature that the white hair might look unclean with blusher colors on it.

My thoughts—

Piccasso 105 is a slightly tapered, rounded, dense brush. Firm, but not so stiff, for an easy and precise application. Incredibly the softest bristled brush that I own to date. It picks up a good amount of color, deposits and blends evenly without wasting any product. It is fairly fluffy which is also great to use with pigmented blushes and blends them out seamlessly. It delivers well as powder and blush brush. I also love to use this with pressed powder to dust all over. You may use it in rolling or patting motion for that natural healthy look.
This brush has its luxurious feel, the soft bristles are glee to swipe and gently buff on your cheeks. The top bristles were dyed in black, for them not to look dirty after each use, which I seriously adore. You know how OC I am when it comes to brushes, I just love that my brushes doesn’t look dirty. It’s gorgeous, the look in which it was dyed into black like a gradient effect.. ohhh It’s Love!
It doesn’t bleed any dye and sheds only 2 or 3 hairs in the first wash, dries fast, and stays in shape! It maintained its softness after the first washing!
4 Piccasso 721 powder shading
Piccasso 721
Powder-Shading Gray
Gray Squirrel hair
Described as-
A shading brush, which has a feature of diagonal cutting shape. Made of squirrel hair, helpful for even color expression with its softness and strength. If you touch side of the face like sweeping, it can clearly express your eyes with accentuating the face line.
My Thoughts—
Piccasso 721 is a precise flat angled shape brush perfect in creating a well-sculpted, clean contoured face. The handle is easy to hold, a luxurious touch of the high quality matte protective coating that you can feel in every swipe.
I have slightly noticeable cheekbones, but they aren’t very prominent as I have a rounder face. So, I mostly invest on contour brushes. I’m so happy to receive this gorgeous one. Of all the contour brushes that I own, this is the softest! It picks the right amount of color, which I find great for highlighting and contouring.
It’s a really great brush in creating that natural looking cheekbone- I can imagine myself grabbing this brush most of the time now. It deposits the perfect amount of color and distributes it evenly. It allows great precision, and it is mainly because of the size of its angled flat brush which is just perfect in contouring the sides of the nose, hollows of the cheeks and jawline as well as highlighting the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, also great in dusting some powder under the eyes. It delivers flawlessly every time. Definitely mistake proof, and versatile brush.
No shedding and dries fast. However, the bristles splayed out a bit after first washing but it was solved with my Suesh Brush Guards. Now, the bristles look good as new.
5 Piccasso 721 eyeshader

Eurasian Red Squirrel hair

Described as—
It gets narrow toward the end and has a shape of cylinder. The power of the hair and elasticity tightly control powder particles so, it shows a great color expression.
You could simply make deep eyes with the natural gradation.

My thoughts—

It is a small, tapered, dome-shaped brush designed for crease-work. I find it great in depositing color into the crease, blending, defining the outer “V”, and smudging color on the lower lash line. Another versatile Brush from Piccasso!
It’s a soft, fairly firm brush but not stiff and not scratchy at all, so it can also be used to blend colors on the crease, lower lash line or even smudge out colors for a smokie effect. It picks up good amount of color and have most of it deposited where I exactly want to apply it.
No shedding, dries fast and stays in shape!
6 PICCASSO 239 eyeshader
Eurasian Red Squirrel hair

Described as—
If you apply shadow with your fingertip, you could touch your skin really softly without stimulation. Understanding this fact developed this product.

My thoughts–

It is a flat, soft, slightly domed/rounded brush not so dense but still delivers well. I find it great in applying powder products. Multi-tasking brush, as I can use it to apply color on my lids, define the outer crease, highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes, smudge some color on the lower lash line. No shedding, dries fast, and stays in shape!


Is the quality worth the price? Yes, Not because they are sponsored. I am seriously impressed with the quality of these brushes! They’re all incredibly soft, the handles are gorgeous and of good quality. I think I’m willing to spend a few bucks to get these unique quality brushes.
Moreover, I must commend their excellent service as well. The package only took around 7 days to arrive considering it came from Korea. The items are carefully bubble-wrapped and securely boxed.
7 picasso eyelashes
I’ll be reviewing these eyelashes from PICASSO on my next post with some FOTD or EOTD for you to see and appreciate these falsies more! And, I will definitely feature how I use those Gorgeous brushes as part of my daily Make-up routine!

Please visit PICCASSO website
Piccasso Facebook Page
Piccasso Twitter Account
…for latest updates and Promos!
Stay Tuned for more Hunnies!

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