Petite Styling Tips: The Best Voluminous Pieces for your Stature

They say that petite ladies can’t wear voluminous items because they might end up swimming in a pool of fabric. While it holds some credence, your look will depend on your choice of clothing. Here are some petite styling tips that can help you rock high-volume pieces like it’s nobody’s business!

Meet the Pleats

A pleated blouse is seen as treacherous by many, as it can make you look pregnant (among many other things.) Although it can hide your feminine figure, petite styling tips show that pleated blouses work for cute ladies as well. Just make sure to pick a style with a banded collar as it can help elongate your torso.

trapeze top

white trapeze top

Fair in Flare

A flared or A-line dress is a must-wear for most women. However, little ladies often end up ‘disappearing’ in a swathe of fabric. Although this is the case, the right petite styling tips can help you wear a flared dress like a supermodel. The key to pulling off the right look is to wear a trapeze-shaped dress with long sleeves. The combined features can make you look taller, as they can draw focus to your lovely legs.

white trapeze dress petite green trapeze dress

Mad in Midi

A midi skirt can make you look smaller if you wear the wrong type of skirt. However, you can still rock this trendy item by following these helpful petite styling tips. When it comes to midi skirts, the key is to choose designs with banded hems. This can balance the flare of the skirt, so you won’t end up looking like you are surrounded by so many fabrics.

beige midi skirt white midi skirt

Widen your Horizons

Wide-legged pants are not only for tall women, they are for petite ladies as well. When it comes to wearing this bottom, make sure to choose a length that suits your height. If you can’t find one, you can always wear high heels to create a longer, leaner look.

olive wide leg pants black wide leg pants

Be Cool in Culottes

Like wide-legged pants, culottes are high-volume pieces that can work with the proper petite styling tips. Should you decide to wear these bottoms, choose high-waist culottes. This style will flatter your small and cute frame.

high waist culottes nicole ritchie culottes black culottes

Belt it

Choosing the perfect voluminous pieces is essential for petite styling pieces. But if you already have such items in your closet, you need not throw them away! It’s as easy as belting these loose pieces, as the belt can put focus on your shapely and slender figure.

belted outfit belted poncho

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