Petite Fashion Tips from Sydne Summer

One most important thing in fashion is to dress with confidence and elegance in whatever body shape you have and with any personal style you love to wear. However, dressing a petite frame may seem challenging especially wide legged pants, maxi skirts, and cropped pants are trendy nowadays. A Miami-based style blogger, Sydne Summer is known for her fashionable style perfect for her petite frame. If you’re considered petite and it sometimes feels like a serious challenge to your style, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

  1. Get the perfect fit by paying attention to your waist.

apple green dress with slim belt

white dress with brown belt white dress with blazer and peach necklace hot pink jumpsuit with elegant clutch chic romper with floral pumps

The goal of dressing as a petite frame is all about finding clothes that work well with your natural figure. Like Sydne, choose outfits in fit-and-flare style or even empire ones to emphasize your figure and define your natural waist. Typically, fitted or semi-fitted clothing looks better for petite frames than loose-fitting apparel or anything that is too tight. However, if you love a looser fit, define your waist and add some shape with a belt, preferably skinny ones or a wider belt with the same color tone as your outfits.

  1. Make a good balance with your outfits.

cobalt blue maxi dress with floppy hat white maxi dress with statement necklace summer dress with brightly colored sandals striped dress with chic sneakers denim romper with summer bag and hat

Make sure your outfit lengths won’t overwhelm your frame so dresses and skirts that fall on in the mid-calf region are out of the equation. Instead, opt for above-the-knees, tea-length, or maxi lengths that won’t cut your frame visually. Maxi dress and skirts usually finish at the ankle which is ideal for petite women because they create the illusion of being slender and taller. Everything is all about balance, so the better fitting your clothes are, the more polished you’ll look. Also, try to choose garments with less detailing since extra fabric adds bulk and can make you look heavier than you really are. In conclusion to this, you must pay attention to where things fall on your body, and this goes for the hem, the waistline, and the sleeves of your outfits. Opt for a simple dress that sits above the knee, preferably mini sheaths, shifts, or skaters, so that you won’t look overwhelmed by your outfit.

  1. Embrace lighter and softer silhouettes.

burgundy tuxedo with accordion skirt and metallic silver pumps red maxi dress with metallic necklace plain navy slit dress pastel pink culottes with nude heels flowy pink tea dress with cute bag

Clothes with heavy, busy, or boxy silhouettes aren’t really recommended for petite women though it may sometimes work in a monochromatic dressing. Like Sydne, opt for lighter and softer silhouettes that follow your natural curves instead on contradicting it with boxy and structured styles. Chiffon, cotton, silk, lace, and such are great fabric choices that will add some flair to your feminine style while keeping your outfits flattering for your petite frame.

  1. Go for high-waist skirts, shorts, and trousers.

high waist flared jeans with white top high waist skirt with striped top high waist shorts with printed blouse and wedges high waist shorts with orange blazer high waist leather skirt with off shoulder top

For a timeless trick, follow the two-thirds-one-third rule by opting for high-waist styles on your bottom pieces. For instance, wear pants that cover two-thirds of your body and shirts that cover one-third. Like Sydne, look for skirts, shorts, or trousers that sit higher at your natural waist to make your legs look longer while emphasizing your slim waist.

  1. Opt for pointy shoes and stiletto heels.

all white outfit with metallic gold sandals peach outfit with nude sandals neon yellow pumps with casual chic outfit

Wearing any type of heels is probably the easiest way to actually add height to your petite frame. For a more flattering effect, opt for pointy shoes with a low-cut vamp to instantly elongate your legs, as well as a pair that matches your skin tone or your trousers to give the illusion of mile-long legs. Also, T-strap sandals look great to create leaner and taller silhouettes, while wedges that don’t give heavy looks are suitable for a petite frame. However, if you opt for heavy-looking shoes, such as wedges or boots, balance your overall look with a simple and breezy outfit.

  1. Select small to medium-sized prints for your petite frame.

tropical print dress with camel clutch printed green dress with strappy sandals fringed peach skirt with button down shirt floral print skirt with pastel top

Always keep in mind that gigantic prints all over your outfits can overwhelm your frame so avoid going for ones larger than your fist. On the contrary, if you love wearing bright and busy prints, always balance it by pairing the prints with solid colors. By following these tricks, you’ll create a fashion-forward style while bringing out the best in you regardless if you’re petite or not.

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