Peter Pan Collar Necklace Fashion for Summer

Types of Peter Pan Collar Necklace

In fashion, the best look you can show the world is chic in a peter pan collar necklace. It’s timeless so you don’t need to worry about being trendy or not. Are you into accessories? This is one of the classiest things to hang around your neck when you want to dress up. What is your style? What look do you want to don?

If you really want to look uber stylish, all you need to do is follow these quick tips in accessorizing with every kind of peter pan collar necklace in order to upgrade your outfit.

1. Striped Collars. The style is mod but with vintage stripes, you can turn it into french style and wear it with a block or bright colored outfit.



2. Glitter Collars. Pixie dust is what you’ll remember when you see this necklace, as well as 80’s disco. Ribbed or not, glittering neck pieces always stand out and steal the spotlight. Wear it with a plain dress or top, preferably in nude, light, or block color.




3. Conventional Collars. Very much old school but not impossible to modernize, this type is suitable for sweet chic looks. The embroidery and ribbed style is enough to turn your garb into quite feminine and gracious.


4. Sheer peter pan collar necklaces are great with strapless or sleeveless clothes. However, you can also don them over colored tops and frocks.


5. Ribbed Collars. This peter pan collar necklace is also ribbed but it accessorizes a sailor stripe top, making French fashion hot in the eye.


6. Glossy Collars. You can match shining peter pan collar neck pieces with another shade of metallic, or you can don something plain. Daring to wear them with prints? Yes you can.






7.Beaded Collars. Look amazing in beads around your neck as they are trendy accessories for summer. The more colorful, the happier your outfit will appear to be.




8. Pearl collars. Demure, prim and proper doesn’t always have to be the look for pearls. As classic gemstones, they can make any face glow and any outfit turn out to be impeccably sophisticated. If you want to appear refined and well put-together, try wearing pearl collar necklaces with an LBD in Audrey Hepburn style.



9. Cut-out Collars. Go as unique as possible with your accessories. the more different and attractive it looks, the more it’ll be worth an investment.


10. Metal and Chain Collars. Feel free to be fine and fierce as you put on metallic chain necklaces over neutral garments to bring out that true fashionista in you.