Pernille Teisbaek: Classic Tomboy Fashion Style

If you’re a girl who would rather keep your style simple than wearing feminine dresses and gobs of makeup, a classic tomboy look is a great style for you to try. You don’t need to be a tomboy to dress in androgynous style. Since boyfriend jeans, button down shirts, oversized sweaters, slouchy pants, loafers, and even overalls are making a comeback, the key to making the classic tomboy look work is to throw in just a touch of femininity in manly pieces. Wondering how to dress like a tomboy without looking like a dude? Then, let’s have a style inspiration.

Born-and-raised in Denmark, Copenhagen, Pernille Teisbaek is the style blogger behind the global-reaching blog Look de Pernille. Her signature style is on the classic side with a touch of a tomboy and an impressive mix of femininity in an effortless way. Pernille’s style reflects minimalism that features clean lines and cuts, monochrome palette, simple denim, and classic pieces that she wears from work meetings to after-dark.

When looking for tomboy pieces, take advantage of the boy’s section to check out the source. Look for clothes that can be worn by both men and women. Basic tees, boyfriend jeans, slouchy pants, button-down shirts, oversized sweaters, and distressed jeans are a great option as they are not figure hugging and not so feminine pieces. . If they’re humongous, you may try altering them and a bit baggy on you is not a bad thing if you’re aiming for a tomboy style.

button-down white shirt

chambray shirt green button down shirt suit navy jogger pants high waisted pantswhite shirt denim

For your tops, opt for unisex pieces like button down shirts, chambray shirts, basic tees, slouchy blouses, oversized sweaters, and suits rather than feminine blouses with floral prints and lace details. You may also wear graphic tees and distressed shirts, but if you want to keep it classic, better skip those. Boyish colors like navy, gray, black, maroon, forest green, and neutrals are great to complement your theme rather than pinks and pastel shades. Loose and comfortable tops are one of the most basic aspects of tomboy style as fitted blouses and crop tops only highlight your womanly curves.

white pajama loose pants culottes

Opt for pants or jeans rather than skirts and shorts since tomboy style is defined by not wearing skirts or dresses that only accentuate one’s femininity. Opt for wide-legged pants or a slouchy fit like culottes, athletic pants, jogger pants, boyfriend jeans and such. ‘Boyfriend’ jeans are cut like boys’ jeans but are fitted for a girl’s body. Though you may sport some skinny fit pants and a skirt, you may dress down the figure-hugging silhouette by manly shoes.

loafers runners black slip on sneakers white runners

Wear athletic shoes in your feminine pieces like dress and skirts. Also, brogues, loafers, and oxfords are manly shoes you may wear in dressing down your feminine outfit. Just wear what makes you feel comfortable and let you to run around with ease. And, good rule of thumb when deciding your footwear, if you can’t run in them, then they’re not the best shoes for your tomboy style. So, this means stilettos, high heeled sandals, and classic pumps are out. Also, you may trade in your ballet flats for some cool slip-ons that can still be worn to run around.

layered look leather overalls overalls white overalls

Also, overalls and layered fashion style are unisex styles you may go for. Just avoid gaudy jewelry and sparkly ones. Wear your hair up by ponytails, half-pony, French braids or cut your hair short.

Classic tomboy style is an effortless and laid-back trick to keep you fresh and polished. Like Pernille, you may want to keep the classic touch in your look to stay sophisticated and chic.



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