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Perfume and emotion : Dior Fahrenheit ,Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue

Perfume and emotion : Dior Fahrenheit  ,Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue :

Perfumes, like music and literature, can evoke such strong feelings and emotions. To many people perfumes smell ‘nice’ or in some cases not so nice, but to me each perfume tells a story. There are certain perfumes that I gravitate to depending on how I am feeling or how I want to feel. It’s like each bottle contains it’s own personality, memories and feelings.


Sometimes these feelings are attached to memories. Dior Fahrenheit is my father’s fragrance; it was the scent that used to flood the house as he came home from work in a flurry of briefcases and papers. Whenever we would go out to dinner as a family he was always ready at least half an hour before my mother, we would wait impatiently for her in the car and he would always ask “how do I smell?” I inherited that same pride in my appearance and love of scent. To me Fahrenheit is the smell of comfort and love.


Other time the fragrances just speaks to me; Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue is one such fragrance. I have never met another person who wears L’Heure Bleue and to me it smells of another time. Putting it on is like delving into a trunk full of old clothes, it harbors that same mystery and wonder. At the same time L’Heure Bleue is heavy with quiet sorrow; there is something about it which just makes me feel this internal torment of an old soul. L’Heure Bleue only appeals to me when I’m feeling a little down, on grey drizzling days where there is a touch of melancholy in the air. To some people this might seem odd, but on those days I take comfort in L’Heure Bleue because I know it feels like I do.