Perfume Alternatives for Smelling Great All the Time

We women love to smell great all the time which is why a good perfume is a must in any woman’s vanity but sometimes, perfumes can be a little too strong and sometimes, perfume just isn’t an option (it could be because it’s expensive or perhaps even because you want a more natural route). For times like these, you need a great perfume alternative that will allow you to smell just as good and make you feel just as great. If you’re looking for perfume alternatives for smelling great all the time, check out this list below.

  • COLOGNE – cologne is not as strongly formulated as perfumes but they still smell really good and they’re great for when you want just a subtle hint of fragrance on you instead of something that packs a punch. These are more affordable and last for a shorter period of time compared to perfumes, too, so they’re great for quick trips outdoors.

demeter cologne

jo malone cologne ck euphoria cologne

  • BODY LOTION – for a softer, more delicate scent that just lingers on the skin, you can try using lotion. Most perfumes also come with a lotion counterpart (some with body wash and other bath stuff, too) so it wouldn’t be so difficult finding a scent that you like. You can layer your lotion with a light mist of perfume on top if you want the scent to last longer.

scented body lotion scented lotion lotion application

  • SOLID PERFUME – don’t like carrying a bottle of perfume with you all the time? Why don’t you try using solid perfume instead? These come in a tin or a stick and you just rub it on areas where you would usually spritz perfume on and you’re good to go. Check out this tutorial on how to make your own perfume bar.

solid perfumes by lush solid perfume solid perfume by casa blanca

  • BODY OILS – these are great for those who are looking for multi-tasking products. Scented body oils will not only leave you smelling good, they will have your skin feeling soft and supple as well. This is a great perfume alternative during winter as oil also tends to keep us warm. Don’t worry about the greasy feel that regular oil has, most body oils are very light and luxurious to the touch.

body oil oil perfume alternative

  • HAIR PERFUME – this last perfume alternative is great for women who love toying with their hair and flaunting and flipping it at random times. Hair perfumes are quite on trend and powerhouses like Chanel and Balmain have their own goods to offer. Hair perfume isn’t very strong or powerful but it does leave a nice whiff of the scent when you pass by.

perfume for the hair fekkai hair perfume hair flip balmain hair perfume

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