Patricia Manfield: Unexpected Street Style Looks

Street style is a means of expressing your personality through the clothes you’re wearing and creating unexpected looks with a touch of your personality may always seem challenging. The street style star behind the blog “The Atelier”, Patricia Manfield is a Milan-based blogger known for her trendy and unexpected street style looks like wearing an eclectic outfit one day then switching to a colorful layered look the next. If you’re looking for ways to make your street style a bit unexpected, keep on scrolling to get some cues from Patricia.

bucket bag with navy jumpsuit

statement boots with black outfit statement boots with boxy top and skirt statement boots with shift dress and jacket

If you wish for an unexpected street style look, but don’t know where to start, be inspired by Patricia on her knack of picking a few unique accessories. Going for a pair of statement boots, chic hat, or a quirky bag can instantly refresh your typical outfits. “My hair always looks messy after one day so hats are basically essential for me – they are amazing for a bad hair day, as well as nice accessories. I have dark features so try to keep everything else pared back,” she said. Like her, you may also think of wearing a different pair of boots to look a bit quirky and unexpected. But, be sure to keep the heel height similar to keep you comfortable in walking, and make the look intentional so you wouldn’t be mistaken for wearing the wrong pair of boots in the morning rush.

eclectic coat with printed pants eclectic skirt with chunky sweater slit skirt with knitted top and slim belt

“Italians grow up with the mentality that you buy clothes to pass onto your grandchildren. My generation mixes it up more with the high street, vintage, and runway fashion. I love vintage shopping for one-off pieces,” she said. So like Patricia, you may invest in unique and statement making pieces. Having an eclectic coat that you can wear with your black skinny jeans or printed trousers, as well as an eccentric skirt you can pair with a chunky sweater or a button-down shirt can be great to make your street style a bit unexpected.

color blocked pants with creative top houndstooth blanket scarf with pants pajama outfit with feminine bag rain coat with oversized dress and statement wedges

Like Patricia, don’t be a slave to trends and be creative wearing our pieces together. “If people take trends too seriously, everyone ends up looking like clones,” she said. So, you should stick to who you are and what you really like. Patricia creatively wore a crisp button-down shirt with her color-blocked pants in an unexpected style creating a fashion-forward and trendy look without looking a fashion victim.

bomber jacket with skirt crop top with cobalt blue pants jeans with cape and structured bag printed skirt with fitted top striped dress with leather jacket striped top with shorts and cap toe flats

Patricia also has a creative eye in her casual chic street looks. According to her, she wears jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers every day but prefers not to over-do it. “I am obsessed with denim – everything in denim is good. It’s effortless and so easy to style. I like the idea that you can play with denim – like have crazy patchworks and wear it head to toe – or it can be like a palette cleanser,” she said. Also, if she’s wearing a super elegant dress, she would wear boots or sneakers with it to make it look real.

structured coat with hat and ankle boots military coat with gray boots jumpsuit with knitted cardigan burgundy suede coat with pointy boots

“I’m described as having an Italian look but I change my style all the time; I like to be eclectic,” she said. Like Patricia, you could dress for the weather or embrace a high-low mix. She sometimes looks like a New Yorker in coats and can also look like British the other time. As what we’ve learned to Patricia, you don’t have to follow trends to create an unexpected street style look. Instead, be creative on your fashion sense and pull the style that will work best for your personality.

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