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Paraben in beauty products – How Dangerous Are Parabens ?

Parabens are artificial additives used to extend the life span of  beauty  products as well as some foods . Although , in us humans , they could result in early aging . They are able to also provoke allergies , in fact this is rare . Parabens are able to boost estrogen levels and happens to be related to breast cancer .paraben-in-beauty-products

Everyone is working on self improvement for the new year! My resolutions included: Toning Up, Be & Eat Healthier, Save Money, and Finish Decorating My House!

First off I wanted to cut harmful things out of my life. By harmful I mean the consumption of productions with an excess about of processing, preservatives, dyes, hormones and additives. Not only does this count food but cosmetics fall into this category too!

I feel that so many products that I use on a daily basis contain SO MANY chemicals. The fact that I use them EVERY SINGLE day really freaks me out. Therefore I have began to search for health conscious ways to purchase my cosmetics. Also a few months ago I began looking into the use of PARABENS in cosmetics.

What Are Parabens―and Do I Need to Worry About Them?




er either of two anti-fungal agents used as preservatives in
foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals: 


Long story short: Parabens are used as a preservative (extend shelf life & kill bacteria & the cheapest most available preservative) in cosmetics. A UK study in 2004 found that 18 out of 20 breast cancer patients had parabens present in their breast tissue. The presence of parabens does not directly link to the cause of cancer HOWEVER the fact that parabens can penetrate the skin and be found present in the bloodstream in a matter of minutes. Also they are known to disrupt hormone function by mimicking estrogen. They also increase the expression of genes usually regulated by estradiol (a form of estrogen); these genes cause human breast tumor cells to grow and multiply in cellular studies ( ALSO it has been linked to abnormal fetal development in pregnant women… AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.Now, you can take this information how you want to. You can believe it or not, but as for me, I don’t see the harm in reducing my use of cosmetics (or beauty products) high in chemicals and opting for a more natural alternative. I’m not saying to just go out and dump all of you MAC make up in the trash because they contain parabens and other chemicals, I just want you to be more aware of whats in the products your purchasing ANYWAYS here are some quick easy recipes for at home beauty!