Pantene Fine Hair Solutions review

HI Girls, here is my review of Pantene Fine Hair Solutions  – Pantene line for fine hair
Pantene Fine Hair Solutions review
From left to right: Pantene Fine Hair Anti-Breakage Silicone Free Shampoo, Pantene Fine Hair Volume Conditioner, Pantene Fine Hair Anti-Breakage Detangler Spray, Pantene Fine Hair Heat Protectant & Shine Spray, Pantene Fine Hair Triple Action Volume Mousse
I have been loving the Pantene line for fine hair lately. It gives my fine, limp hair great volume and also leaves it very soft and shiny.
The routine that I have been using with these products are first washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Then on damp hair I spray the detangler throughout before I run a comb through my hair which makes it easier to comb out and prevents tangles and breakage. Next I spray the heat protectant spray throughout my hair and comb it through. Then I put a golf ball size amount of mousse on my fingertips and then rub it into my roots.
I then style my hair by blowing it out with my hair dryer and round brush. Then I use either a CHI Straightener or the Jose Eber Curling Wand.
My favorite product from this line is the Anti-breakage Detangler, it prevents breakage, makes my hair soft and frizz free without weighing it down.