Pandora Sykes: How to Dress Like Fashion Journalists

While the closets of everyday fashion journalists, more often than not, resemble those New Yorkers featuring black, navy, and gray, Pandora Sykes adds some personality and twist to her personal style. Written for known publications like The Times, CNN, The Coveteur, as well as worked with fashion brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Hugo Boss and such, the London-based fashion journalist indeed developed her own sense of style that makes a statement wherever she goes.

cropped jeans with fur coat and fringe bag

denim jumpsuit with fur coat denim skirt with sequin top and statement jacket

Pandora has a knack for dressing up her denim items not only making them chic but also statement-making. Instead of a typical feminine blouse or a crisp button-down shirt, she picks for touch enticing fabrics as well as great colors to give her denim items some flair. Like her, you may think of a furry coat, sequin top, fur jacket, suede shirt and such making your casual street style a bit unexpected. Pandora is a fan of leather boots that you may also go for especially those with snakeskin prints or vintage buckles to make your outfit more unique and statement-making.

eclectic outfit with colorful shoes maxi dress with bandana scarf shawl with striped dress

Pandora makes her accessories flatter not only her style but also her personality. Instead of wearing her bandana as a neck scarf or a headband, she creatively wore it with a maxi dress making her looks more creative and artistic. Your blanket scarves and oversized shawls with fringes can be great to refresh your typical dress. Like Pandora, wrap it up onto your waist to recreate a wrap skirt with your dress, making your style a bit eclectic but creative. If you don’t have any idea how to wear these scarves on your outfit, then simply opt for a pair of colorful and statement-making shoes like the fashion journalist did.

fur top with culottes and metallic slip ons lace top with suede skirt and fur scarf silk blazer with leather skirt

Wearing denim on denim, suede on suede, and even leather on leather can look trendy, but keeping the fabric contrast on your outfit makes your style more fashionable. Like Pandora, you may think of a lace top to pair with your suede skirt and finish your outfit with a fur scarf and a pair of velvet boots. This way, you’ll look trendy and fashion-forward while keeping your looks original and creative.

striped top with gray coat retro floral top with suede skirt printed collared dress with boots checkered culottes with printed top and pointy flats

Wearing prints and patterns on your outfit can look great especially if you’re a fan of neutrals. Like Pandora, opt for a striped top to pair with your plain coat and skirt when you’re planning to go out of town. It may look simple enough, but indeed more stylish than head-to-toe neutral without any prints or patterns. Pandora sometimes mixes prints on her outfit to make it look bolder. Like her, you may wish to stick to a muted color and pattern so they won’t look messy when paired off. A pair of checkered culottes and a printed high-neck top makes Pandora’s street style fashionable and trendy.

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, office girl, or even a fashion journalist, your street style will definitely say a lot about, so always stay fabulous and fashion-forward like Pandora always does.

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