Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray Review

Recently, I discovered that Coconut oil/coconut products help with hair growth, so when I was picking up some supplies for some of my hairdressing clients I saw it and thought it was worth a try. I have a trade card which gets me discount, and so it cost me around £2, you all know I love a bargain! It says it moisturises hair and scalp, which means that it helps to stimulate hair growth.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray-back packaging

It does make my hair feel a little greasy after a day, but I suppose that’s whats to be expected when you apply something straight to your roots. I’m normally pretty lucky in the sense that I don’t really have to wash my hair very often, every 3 days is about right for me. I apply it when I have just washed my hair, onto towel dried hair. I’ve been using Alcepin shampoo and Liquid Energizer in hope that my hair has grown (full review to come soon), so this is just a quick post on the benefits of it. The smell is loveeeely. I personally hate coconut but I love the smell, so what better than using it on your hair? When I’ve seen the full benefits of this I will do another post, hopefully soon! I’ve also got my eye on a coconut conditioner from Superdrug for a bargain of under £2, all this to make your hair grow?!
Have you used Coconut oil before? What are your opinions on its uses, and has it helped with growth?

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