Paisley nails – cute design ideas

Hello Friends,today I’m going to share with  you  my paisley print nails idea  and a few Plaisley nail designs.

Sometimes when I am stuck on a colour to wear, I would ask my husband to pick a colour. He would then say colours such as pink, red, orange or any colour that comes to mind because he says that whatever colour he says, I will do the opposite anyway. Smart man. 

For today’s look, I didn’t ask him what colour to wear as I knew that I felt like wearing OPI Linkin Park After Dark. I actually asked him whether I should stamp my nails with a barbed wire design or paisley. For the first time since I can ever remember, I actually used something that he said when it came to nail polish. His actual words were, ‘Paisley. Because I have no idea what the hell it is’. 

The paisley design is from Bundle Monster BM315 and is stamped using OPI Mod About You. This pink colour comes across as white in the pictures but in real life it doesn’t appear as stark as how white normally would.paisley nails

I quickly googled an explanation of paisley and the first definition that came up was ‘a distinctive intricate patter of curved, feather shaped figures based on a pine cone design from India’. Fair enough! 
What do you think of the paisley design? I must admit I didn’t think I’d like it at first but it looks rather neat! 
Here is a few  easy plaisley nails design ideas for you!Paisley nails tutorialwhite and purple Paisley nailsMint Paisley nailsblue and black paisley nailscandy Paisley nailsabstract Paisley nails
Blue and white paisley nails
 blue and white PAISLEY NAILS
Until next time!

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