Outfit Inspirations: Clothing Styles from Movies 

Some movies are famous for their storylines, actors and graphics, while some films are popular for the trendy styles seen in them. Dress as if you are from these noteworthy flicks by following these memorable clothing styles from movies.

To Catch a Thief: Strong Silhouettes

Headlined by the late fashion icon Grace Kelly, To Catch a Thief is the last film of director Alfred Hitchcock. While it is largely known for its breathtaking French Riviera backdrop, the movie is also renowned for its sophisticated styles. With Grace Kelly at the helm of the film’s fashions, it comes as no surprise why most deem it to have the best clothing styles from movies. Get the look of the late royal by wearing black and white pieces with strong, structural silhouettes.

to catch a thief movie

black and white structural outfit white structural outfit

Blow-Up: Mod Style

The 1966 movie Blow-Up is the first English movie of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. Known for many reasons (such as the sexual explicitness that was unheard of during the 60’s,) the film is largely popular for its trendy mod fashions. Apart from its retro clothing styles from movies, Blow-Up also showcased rad hairstyles that remain to be popular up until now.

blow-up movie mod outfit printed mod dress

Annie Hall: Menswear

Menswear is one of the most popular fashion trends right now. While it might be relatively new to some people, menswear has been on the radar eons ago, many thanks to the movie Annie Hall. Released in 1977, the film starred Diane Keaton, who was uber-chic in her menswear-inspired pieces. Get Annie’s clothing styles from movies by donning striped button-downs, vests, neckties and baggy trousers.

annie hall movie

menswear for women menswear outfit for women

Clueless: Plaid Fashion

Before, plaid was considered a tacky style. That was up until 1995, when the movie Clueless was released. Starting Alicia Silverstone, the film chronicled the life of rich and popular girls from Beverly Hills. Much more, it captured the eyes of many with its fashion-forward (for that time) styles. An iconic trend that can be taken from this movie is plaid wear, which should definitely be a mainstay in your closet.

Stacey Dash And Alicia Silverstone In 'Clueless' plaid top and skirt plaid dress

American Hustle: 70’s Flair

The 2013 film American Hustle gained numerous nominations and awards, but what it achieved the most is an exquisite style rep. Notable actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams wowed many with their 70’s-inspired pieces, such as plunging V-neck sweaters and floppy hats. Incorporate any of these clothing styles from movies and be able to get the stylish flair that American Hustle is known for.

american hustle movie costumes brown floppy hat plunging neckline jumpsuit

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