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Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel Review

Hello beauties here is my Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel Review!

I got a sample of this gel with my last purchase with Curl Mart. Most people with naturally curly hair who have searched for information on how to manage their hair have probably heard of Ouidad, even if they haven’t heard of this particular product. I didn’t even know about it until I opened my order and found the sample. What is weird is that even though I got the sample from Curl Mart, they don’t sell this item.



I looked online, and this is easily found at Sephora, Amazon, etc. Choose your option. I might pick this up when their Friends and Family sale begins October 21. On Sephora the prices ranged from $9 for a 2.5 oz bottle, to $38 for their exclusive 16.9 oz bottle (source).
This is a clear gel, and is odorless (at least I didn’t notice any fragrance). It’s not sticky, and that is a big plus to me. My regular gel is pretty sticky, and I don’t like that. I put up with it because it does its job. It has a very smooth texture that is quite like a serum. I was very pleased with that.
You need very little of this gel. The sample allowed me to use it for 3 applications, and I have very long, thick hair. When wet it almost touches the base of my spine. You really use just that little. My normal routine for product application is to apply it when my hair is wet. I squeeze out any excess water, apply my styling products (while leaning forward), then plop my hair in a turban (basically while leaned forward I lay the turban on my head, gather my hair in one hand while holding the turban in another, straighten my posture, piled my hair on top of my head, and then fasten the turban over the hair so as not to disturb the curl ) for 15 or 20 minutes.
I was concerned that this product has Dimethicone in it (I am a pretty ardent silicone avoider), because these tend to build up on my hair and dry it out. This didn’t do that at all. It gave me nice hold, kept my hair smooth, and even added a bit of shine to my hair. I was very impressed with this gel. I can’t think of a single con.
My Recommendation: Try it!