Other Ways to Use Concealer in Your Beauty Routine

If you use makeup on an everyday basis, I’m pretty sure you have a goof tube or two of concealer in your beauty arsenal that you use all of the time. Who doesn’t love concealers, right? They cover up spots and blemishes, they hide skin issues and imperfections and they conceal all other the other things on your face that you don’t want seen by others. Aside from the obvious, though, how else do you use your concealer? There are lots of ways to get the most bang for your buck with these products. Check out these other ways to use a concealer in your beauty routine.

  • EYE SHADOW PRIMER ALTERNATIVE – if you can’t find a justifiable reason for you to buy that tube of eye shadow primer, don’t! To be honest, I stopped using primer myself since I discovered that concealers get the job done just the same. It helps you makeup stay on longer, helps make the colors pop and look brighter and prevents it from creasing. Just apply a small amount all over and blend with your fingers before applying eye makeup on.

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  • LIP COLOR LOCKER – find your lipsticks always bleeding on you? Lock the color in and seal them in place by applying concealer to your lips first before applying any kind of lip product on. This will act like a lip primer and will keep your lipstick / lip lacquer in place.

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  • CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT – trying out contouring and highlighting for the first time? Don’t waste your money on proper products just yet. Instead, buy some concealer that’s a shade or two lighter and darker than your skin tone and use those to contour and highlight. See the ‘map’ below to find out where to put the lighter concealer and where to apply the darker one. This is also a great way tip when you’re on a tight budget.

contour and highlight map contouring with concealer light and simple makeup

  • MAKEUP MISTAKE ERASER – got stubby eyeliner wings? Sharpen them up by running a concealer pen over the part that thickened up the wings. You can also do this to areas that you slightly messed up on when you can’t afford to re-do your whole makeup altogether.

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  • DIY TINTED MOISTURIZER – don’t feel like going out with a full face today but still want a little bit of coverage? Tinted moisturizer is perfect for just that. Simply mix your face lotion / moisturizer with your concealer until you reach a color that suits you and apply all over the face.

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  • LIPSTICK LIGHTENER – highly pigmented lipstick are great until you just want a little bit of color for a very light everyday makeup look. To lighten up your favorite lipstick, apply concealer on moisturized lips and do one swipe of lipstick / lip color. This will make the color look lighter and less pigmented.

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