Oskia London Get Up And Glow Review

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Hi pretties here is my Oskia London Get Up And Glow Review!

If many of you are like me and would love to wake up all fresh and glowy every single morning but instead, often find yourselves waking up with tired dull skin that needs a bit of life injected back into it. I first heard about this product from the wonderful Ruth Crilly at AModelRecommends who always has amazing skin! So when I saw her mention this product I instantly became attracted to the ‘Get Up and Glow’ part, because really I would love to ‘Get Up And Glow’ and be out the door in a flash. Ive watched videos of Ruth apply this and it instantly made her skin glow and look a lot tighter and firmer so I didn’t hesitate to put this on my wish list!

1 Oskia London Get Up And Glow Review

2 Oskia London Get Up And Glow back view

Instead of me writing everything that Oskia claims about this product I have taken Photos of the box which explains all of the active ingredients contained in the product.

Firstly, this product is very lightweight and spreads easily on the skin which means you only need one pump of this for the whole face and neck. I would say the consistency is more like a serum than a cream which allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. It also contains Hylauronic acid which is said to hydrate the skin as it boosts the skins natural hylauronic acid levels and to maintain optimum levels of moisture. I wouldn’t say that this serum is as hydrating as it claims to be because I didn’t find it  very moisturising on my normal to dry skin. If you have very dry skin you wouldn’t want to rely solemnly on this for moisture. If you have oily skin, I think this would be perfect for you because it hydrates and gives you that glow, whilst also having a mattifying tightening effect.

Now that the sun has came out in the UK I am able to use this serum on its own underneath makeup, as my skin is more normal than dry in the hot weather, but in winter I would definitely need to follow up with a moisturiser after as my skin is a lot dryer. 

The consistency of this product is not oily and feels more like a gel. It has a wonderful fresh natural smell, not at all chemically or synthetic. The product contains small particles of light reflective pigments that give you that subtle glow once it is on the skin. The amount of glow that you get from this product is not as much as id hoped it would be, especially if you put a moisturiser or foundation on top of this product as I find that the ‘glow’ practically disappears once these are applied. This is a big downside to a product that has the claim ‘Get Up And Glow’ as you would need to use this on its own without any moisturiser or foundation to see the subtle glow that it gives, which I’m sure many of us wouldn’t do!

3 Oskia London Get Up And Glow on my hand

I would not recommend this product for the illumination side of things, as there are much better products out there that will give you a better glow than this. There are other benefits to using this product as the active ingredients in this are high potency which means that the best and most important ingredients are very concentrated so you know that it is definitely going to do something! I am no skincare expert so I’m not going to start babbling on about ingredients and what their benefits are, but since using this product my skin does feel a lot smoother and brighter. I also find that this works well as a primer underneath foundation because when I wear this before a night out my skin looks flawless and helps my foundation to last.
Overall Oskia London is a great brand and I have previously tried their ‘Micro Exfoliating Balm” which I absolutely loved and have reviewed it Here. Their products are by no means on the cheap side of skincare as they are pretty high end. They are able combine innovative science with nature and ensure that all of the nasty ingredients that a lot of us react to are left out. All of you skincare experts will know how impressive ingredients list of this product is, so I guess that justified the price tag.The price of this Serum is £64.50 and you can purchase it at Zuneta.com. This is a nice serum that does not cause my skin any reactions, and even though I feel that it is doing something good for my skin, I haven’t seen anything mind blowing from this product to justify paying £64.50 again for it.


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