Orly’s Feel The Vibe collection swatches

Orly’s  Feel The Vibe collection : Beach Cruiser ,Glowstick ,Skinny Dip, Melt Your Popsicle swatches

WARNING!This post contains some seriously bright swatches which may be damaging to your eyes, please put on your sunglasses to continue reading. Orly's  Feel The Vibe collection swatches

Seeing as everything seems to have Health and Safety measures attached nowadays I thought I may as well throw one in too for this post. Wouldn’t want one of you suing me now would I? 

Disclaimer aside, check out my latest and slightly luminous obsession courtesy of Orly’s new Feel The Vibe collection.

Had it not been for the lovely and seriously gorgeous Farrah who sent me this Mani Mini (£12.95) set in a little swap we did a month or so ago I would never have dared touch these, let alone paint them on my nails.

You see, I’d always assumed that neon and pale skin put together would be a total no go zone for me, how wrong was I? They look great, not unflattering at all and honestly I’ve never had so much fingertip flattery from other people before since wearing these seriously colourful shades.

Talking of colourful shades…

Beach Cruiser and Glowstickorly Beach Cruiser and Glowstick

Beach Cruiser – This flouro pink is my firm favourite from the collection seeing as it’s just about as bright and as girly as it gets!

Glowstick – Very aptly named, this glow in the dark yellow mimics a highlighting pen perfectly. It isn’t the most wearable polish for me as I think yellows probably a shade that’ll always be a no go zone for those with paler skin tones, but I imagine would look amazing if you fake it or are naturally darker in skin tone.orly Feel The Vibe nail polish
As you can see above, Glowstick isn’t the most opaque of colours, even with three coats it’s still slightly transparent!

Formula wise these flouros are very watery, which can make application a bit tricky but once you get over a few streaky base coats it’s a case of third time lucky with these.

Are all neon’s like this or just Orly? You tell me, anyway…

Skinny Dip and Melt Your Popsicle nail polishesorly Skinny Dip and Melt Your Popsicle

Skinny Dip – Bright but soft all at the same time this beautiful blue is the only one with a matte finish to it which of course can easily be made glossy again by a clear top coat!

Melt Your Popsicle – This electric tangerine shade rocks, and comes in at a close second to my overall favourite Beach Cruiser. orly neon Feel The Vibe polish

Forget thinking you need a tan or the sun has to be shining to pull off shades this bright like I did before. I now say fool your fingertips into believing it’s summer and feel the vibe :)!

Where do you stand on flouro polishes? Fabulous or a faux pas?

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