Orly Rage – Review and Swatch

Nailed: Orly Rage review and swatch

I’ve been wanting to try Orly polishes for a while now but I had always been distracted by China Glaze and O.P.I.The one shade that caught my eye the most was ‘Rage’, a gorgeous rose gold glitter mix. It’s really unusual and has gorgeous hints of holographic.

orly rage review

Consistency is pretty average and easy to apply considering it has a hefty amount of glitter and the colour pay off is good, but I did apply two coats over my O.P.I Ridge filler to avoid it looking too sheer.
orly rage

The true colour of ‘Rage’ is kind of hard to capture just because it is so metallic, it almost converts in to just pure shine in the light. This polish is a great way to subtly wear glitter, I can imagine that it would look great with a tan. This is my favourite polish at the moment and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

 orly rage swatch

You can get Orly polishes pretty much all over the place in the UK but your best bet would be to check online at feel unique.com for £8.99 and free delivery.

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