Orly “Flicker” Nail Polish

Hey guys! Got an amazing autumn-ey polish- Orly “Flicker”! This is a relatively sheer red shimmer with a subtle orange to gold duochrome. It’s so pretty, especially over a darker red. Because this is sheer, I use underwear when I’m not layering it.

Also- the font I use in my pics totally makes “Flicker” look like “Fucker”– probably should have changed that.

Five coats over one coat of Brucci “Bare Essentials” all with one Seche Vite top coat.


Orly-Flicker-shade Flicker-by-Orly




Below is three coats over Brucci “Sparkle & Spice” all with one Seche Vite top coat. I LOVE this manicure. Look at that shimmer!

orly-flicker-with-Brucci-Sparkle-Spice orly-flicker-with-Brucci-Sparkle-Spice-b orly-flicker-with-Brucci-Sparkle-Spice-c




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